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  1. armitagebron

    I am so bad at movements...

    I've used the MOUSE2 for jumping all time long.
  2. armitagebron

    I am so bad at movements...

    Thanks, guys! I will try. UPD. Yeah, it's helped a bit, but not much. Speed isn't so fast, and I lose it quickly. And it's still really hard to get good acceleration at first circle jump. Just 420 at average.
  3. armitagebron

    I am so bad at movements...

    Hello! I'd like to play in fast paced shooters for a long time. I've started with Quake Live, now I've got Reflex. But I have the same issues as always. I'm really silly with movements. Of course I looked up for guides(from Kovaak and others), did some practice and pure playing, although I'm still very bad at all. Here is a demo video, where I'm trying some movements. Can you watch it please and give me some guidance?
  4. armitagebron

    Mobile Version

    Hey! Reflex is wonderful game! But on mobile devices (Chromebooks, Nvidia SHIELD, some mini pcs) there are no enough good fast paced shooters. Are you planning to transfer Reflex on other platforms (including some mobile)?