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    Few questions regarding reflex

    Yooo kinda new to reflex (Played CPMA and all the other Quake games). And I few things I want to ask about reflex. 1. Is there options like how quake has picmip where you can sort of remove the textures? 2. Can you force view models? (As a certain colour?) 3. Links to any really good duel huds? 4. Whats the general maps used for duel tournaments? 5. Any good sound files? (I have the quake 2 sounds and I don't really like them any more.) Thanks :>
  2. waterslidez

    Few questions regarding reflex

    Thanks for the answers :>>>
  3. waterslidez

    2016-04-24 | [AU] Duel Cup

    Sweet thanks im ok with discord (im guessing everyone will be in the duel channel). Im not gonna sign up yet just gotta make sure im not busy that day :3
  4. waterslidez

    2016-04-24 | [AU] Duel Cup

    Yo Im interested in joining just one thing is there a irc you have to join on the day?