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  1. Hey, I'm running an TDM/CTF server at the moment and I have a lot of trouble in getting it to work with the limited options. First things is that I want to restrict certain mutators from being allowed to vote for. You can turn off voting all together but that doesn't solve my problem. I want a (a)TDM (a)CTF server with instagib restricted but there is no way to do that. If I want instagib disallowed (from voting) the server can't turn TDM into Arena TDM from voting. I sometimes enjoy instagib but there are tons of servers who have it and if I'm in the mood and people suggest it I wouldn't mind changing it. I should be able to do that with referee. Secondly I would really like an option to make people vote for more or less players. Let's say I have a small CTF map that is suited for 3v3. In my server files it will say "sv_maxclients 6". There won't be a way to increase it without a server restart should the 6 people in the server want to switch to Arena TDM with 10 players. I would suggest having an server command for maxclients and for maxclients per gamemode. Like CTF will have 8 max allowed and TDM will have 12 max allowed. If people want a 3v3 in CTF they can vote for it. Normally CTF would be 8 players but with a simple vote they can turn it down to 6 players. Only problem would be if the server is full with 4v4 players. Best thing is to move 2 to spectate. Reflex community is pretty friendly overall and I personally wouldn't mind to have someone else play while I spectate (even if I didn't get moved to spectate). Thirdly, I think voting by the same person shouldn't be allowed too much at the time. A simple sv_votetimeout would work wonders. It doesn't have to be long of course. 30 to 60 seconds would already do wonders. Fourthly I would like a way to restrict the number of spectators. In team games 1 person being afk for 10 min is annoying. My suggesting is to have a command to limit the amount of spectators and an command to kick a spectator if he is afk for too long. He can join right back of course but if someone is afk for long periods of time it's kind of annoying and this would solve it. Another option other people might like is to disallow spectators all together (sv_allowspectators 1 for example) Of course I can see people going AFK in the game instead of in spectator mode. A simple sv_inactive <seconds> would do. If someone doesn't show any movement for an set amount of time he will get kicked from the server. Example: sv_allowcallvotemutators 1 sv_allowmutators lowgrav arena bigheads (or sv_disallowmutators instagib) sv_maxclients 16 sv_maxclients ctf 8 sv_maxclients tdm 12 sv_votetimeout 60 sv_allowspectators 1 sv_maxspectators 3 sv_maxallowedspectatortime 300 (or just sv_maxspectatortime 300) sv_inactivekick 300 Also there is this issue: I'm wondering why it removes the flags in CTF :P. You might think why I don't just take 2 servers. One for CTF and one for TDM. The reason is really simple. Reflex is really designed to have seamless callvoting and steam workshop integration. The server options are in my opinion limiting the usefulness of this. If a guild/clan would have 2 servers it would divide the community. Most cases this would be unavoidable but in Reflex it could be avoidable. Thanks for the read. I doubt I've explained everything properly and that everything is completely thought out. Leave a comment on what you think.
  2. ffa arena mutator

    I agree. I've tried Arena mutator on CTF and it removed the 2 flags. I would expect that health, armor and ammo pickups to be removed and the buffs stay. Of course the flags should stay as well. CTF without flags doesn't make a lot of sense.
  3. Dedicated Server Guide

    I have some trouble with the "sv_allowmodes" command. I have this now: // Sets the name of your server. // This is what will show up in the server browser and in game HUD. sv_hostname <name> // Set the maximum amount of clients for the server. Spectators count towards this. // We do not recommend setting this above 10. sv_maxclients 12 // Enable Steam integration. Disabling this prevents Steam authentication meaning that // workshop maps, cosmetics and registering with the master server will all be disabled. // Leave it on unlesss you're on LAN. sv_steam 1 // Allow map editing on the server. Generally you want to leave this disabled. sv_allowedit 0 //Automatically takes a server side replay of all games. Put on 0 to disable. sv_autorecord 0 // The ports used by the server. These are both UDP and need to be correctly forwarded. sv_gameport 25787 // Configures the game modes that can be voted on this server. We recommend you leave // this unset (i.e, allow all modes). sv_allowmodes TDM CTF // Sets the country the server is located in, using its 2 letter country code. We // We recommend always setting this. It's disabled here primarily because some people won't read this. sv_country de // The timelimit for matches, in minutes. We recommend leaving this unset although // many race-only servers set it really high. // sv_timelimit_override 600 // The password required to join the server. If you want to run a private server, this is how. In most // cases, it obviously makes sense to leave it disabled. The password can be cleared with "sv_password ". // This is an awkward way to clear a setting and we'll fix it later // sv_password asdf // The password required to become a referee. If a player is a referee, thier votes will instantly // pass. Unless you're running a competition server, it's best to leave this disabled. sv_refpassword <password> // the mode the server will start on sv_startmode ATDM // The server needs either a local map, workshop map or rotation with which to start the // server. In this example, the rotation will take precedence. // sv_startmap Fusion sv_startwmap 650922918 //sv_startrotation default // Optional: log file, writes console output to a file. If you don't specify one, no log file will be // written. com_logfilename reflexded.log ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So I allowed TDM and CTF on my server. The server starts with ATDM mode and Asylum map. However I can't switch to anything. Sometimes switching to CTF works but than I can't switch to anything from CTF. It's a little weird. What exactly am I doing wrong?
  4. Nice Per Weapon Settings

    Thanks! I also have a suggestion for the zoom. Just checked it out and it may be handy for some people. Option to undo zooming if switching weapon. Might be nice in some situation. For example: I might be zooming in with the bolt rifle but I get flanked. I switch to another weapon but because my zoom is on toggle and not on hold my Ion Cannon (zoom enabled) is zoomed when switched. Might be nice to have in some occasions depending on the person :). I'm going to try zooming in-game later on and see if I like it. I don't know if there is some bugs to be found when you have 1 weapon set as toggle and other weapon as hold. That if you zoom in with one and get weird results if you switch to a weapon that has zoom configured differently :). I check that later. Thanks a lot for the LUA script! ~Lifell
  5. Nice Per Weapon Settings

    Aaaah, I get it now. I didn't even touch the zoom thing so I never enabled or looked at it. Thanks for the info! Don't forget to enable a way to unbind it after someone already bound it. For now I just bind it to something nobody in the wide world would use: F13. ~Lifell
  6. Nice Per Weapon Settings

    Hello, First of all thanks a lot for this LUA. It's really useful! Unfortunately I have a weird problem. I binded my jump key to right mouse button. However when your script is "visible" and I spawn my jump key is being unbinded. I can rebind it when in-game but it will unbind anyway. In the menu and as a spectator the key is still binded. That is till I spawn. When I turn off your LUA script this unbinding process does not occur. I use the following LUA scripts: dp2hud v1.17 Quake 2 sounds Nice per Weapon Settings Alerts Kill-feed (mgli_k.pak latest version) Kill-feed might be turned off not entirely sure. I did drop the "Scoreboard.lua" in the widget folder aswell. If you would like to know something specific don't hesitate to ask :). Thanks a lot for your afford! EDIT: The spacebar works fine with binding the jump key. So it doesn't unbind when spacebar is used for jumping. ~Lifell