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  1. Post your WIP screenshots!

    Thank you for adding traffic cone ! It falls perfectly well for the race map in progress work since 2-3 days.
  2. I have as a gift a new mouse for Christmas. Only this is the first time I have one for gaming. And suddenly I am completely lost to properly adjusted. I always play with mouse provided with the computer. And I had no worries about configuring to play before. Now with his DPI stories. It's not the same, you have to take this into account. I carry out research and the lowest and the best? That's what I did, except that .. This totally upsets my way of playing. I play with 25.5 sensitivity and now with the new mouse it is 40. Is that normal? In addition when I move sometimes she stops or jerky. (Sudden deceleration or rapid change) What is the point of having a mouse adapt for the game, if it is to have problems? The mark of my mouse and an Arokh x-1. It ranges from 800 to 2400 DPI. I also read that it had to take into account that size and a history of doing the 360 calculates to adjust the sensitivity. Something I absolutely have never needed to do. Maybe I use Casual principles but I think we need to change that way to succeed? I do not understand. Just like all the advanced options there are in the Reflex options about mouse and sensitivity. My screen does 1920*1080 and I turn in the game has 250 fps for information. And I do not have a mouse pad, I'm on a wooden desk. I also add that I already disabled the pointer speed improvement in the windows 10 settings. Please help me to be able to play with this new mouse please!
  3. Another guy who doesn't know how to configure his mouse

    I do not know what it is. That's not the problem! I play to have fun above all and no for win. Rank, xp or "medals", I don't care !
  4. Another guy who doesn't know how to configure his mouse

    Except that my rank is at 75 and I do not like 1vs1 matches precisely because I'm not good enough. So rank is useless and does not mean anything. Concerning the mousepad, it is a very small piece of foam. XD
  5. [0.49.1]Menu Hide During Loading

    I don't know what I did...
  6. Another guy who doesn't know how to configure his mouse

    I try with a mouse pad and I do not like it. -I am not accustomed -The size and too small -The mouse and difficult to handle on this type of surface although better than on wood. -The movements perform and feelings are worse than with the laser mouse by default. I take this opportunity to take a break. So, I'll leave it for a while. In addition to taking the lead, this game kills me morally. I played so much and I have improved so much for a long time that now I can not get anything. My scores are practically mediocre now and I do not even know why. Well, I do not want to play or beat people much stronger. It is exhausting and devaluing. I do not have fun anymore! The skill that requires this type of game (quake) and just the pure superhuman madness.
  7. Another guy who doesn't know how to configure his mouse

    Thank you for the answer. The question now is what type of mouse pad should I take? I do not know anything about that. There are several materials and dimensions. What brand do you advise me? The price does not really matter as long as it is under ~ 30-40. I have a picture of my office, I think it's enough.
  8. CastleTest

    After testing the editor with my map Home. I wanted to create a castle jail. I was inspired by a map of quake 3 that I found really nice to play. This is a huge project and I am aware of but I really love this game and this fabulous editor that I spend a lot of time. http://reflexfiles.com/file/556
  9. CastleTest

    Just to say I add a UFO. And many other things! I am in constant evolution and it takes time. If you can test the map and possibly tell me what's wrong yet. I'd be happy to address them and fix.
  10. Run Training Mode

    Here are my own records on the training mode Sorry I don't not make the final level which is far too complicated to run with the mouse wheel. (Yes I know it's not the fastest ..) Some improvement is possible, I think. I will update my shopping when I esteem do better. (I also add the movements of keyboard)
  11. CastleTest

    Video demonstration -- > Here !
  12. CastleTest

    Just to prevent my first update of the map.
  13. Post your WIP screenshots!

    This is just an artistic model! This is just an artistic model! (Retouch with Pixeluvo) I'm working on a project in the theme castle / prison. This model will surely present.
  14. Home

    This is version 0.1 of my map. http://reflexfiles.com/file/555
  15. Error Map Editor

    I have a fairly serious problem! I can not access the map editor. I thought it was me (maybe) but I uninstall and reinstall the game with the same worry. So I do not understand from where it comes from, if it's really my fault or not. Thank you to help me, because it is quite painful not to be able to have fun with the editor.
  16. Error Map Editor

    Wow thank you! I didn't know there was a command. But I still do not understand why I had no access to the editor.
  17. Concept racing map

    Hi! I created this topic to help me in the design of a racing map. I would like you to give me your opinion and advice to encourage me and give me the necessary motivation to put this project. Here are some screenshots here: http://imgur.com/a/dzlYb I also leave you the opportunity to test the map. Test.rar
  18. Concept racing map

    Thank you for the information you have provided. This will be very useful!
  19. Concept racing map

    That's the test2! http://imgur.com/a/ZrdLB Test2.rar
  20. Keys + Editor

    I found a problem with the map editor. If using the "z" key or "q" and then you press "0". The direction is maintained and the only way to remedy it is to re-press the key again. It is also possible to maintain both keys simultaneously. I do not know if this has already had to report, but I look and I did not find.
  21. Keys + Editor

    I have a AZERTY keyboard and I use the keys "z" to move forward, "q" to go to the left, "s" to go back and "d" to move to the right. I use the wheel well for the weapons and the spacebar to jump.
  22. Concept racing map

    Thank you for your reply. I will do everything necessary to find more information about it. I begins and I'm happy to learn from my mistakes. It's a real challenge for me to build a map for this game than I really appreciate! But I am persistent and I know I can succeed if I give myself the means. I will continue to make progress on the project here. If ever I have other questions related to mapping. I'll let you know !
  23. Need help for map editor

    I would like to design a map for the pleasure of learning. I know a little GtkRadiant because I used to inity me to create a map for Urban Terror. I wanted to know if it can be used instead of the internal editor. I saw that there was also a converter. I hope that in the future it will be possible mapped to an external editor. It would be easier for me. I do not fully understand the functioning of the internal editor and I was not the readme.html or editor.cgf. Are what the tutorial is too old, or at least was not updated? What I find unfortunate is not able to configure the buttons either directly from the interface or manually in a file. I do not know if it comes from my French keyboard "AZERTY". But I do not think. In any case, it is unbearable for me not being able to move freely with the "z" keys to the top, "q" for left, "d" to the right "s" to the bottom. I speak of the camera in the editor! I suppose it is possible with the binds. Not knowing what used file, I remain perplexed. Should you create a fichier.cfg it? Another thing, I wonder if we can start the editor directly thanks to a command in the paths either from the exe or steam. Already knowing all that, I would be able to start. Thank you for your help! Edit: I managed to take control of the map editor, this is the beginning of my map. http://imgur.com/a/dzlYb
  24. Why do you play Reflex?

    Hello ! For my part, I played Unreal Tournament when I was around 10 years. And then later I found out Urban Terror or I play for a roughly 4-5 years. But the Quake series and Doom my always attracted. So I play shareware and also Freedoom waiting to pay me. I try other fps as Warsow, Xonotic, Nexiuz, Cube, Cube 2, AssaultCube, and Open Arena and Quake Live. I also like Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow Warrior and Hexen and Heretic. In fact I probably test any derivative FPS Doom and Quake including Half-Life. As against what is certain is that I do not really like Counter-Strike, even if it is playable. Quake 3 and me with the reference model are Defrag I try there shortly. I'm more focused on non-real movements with unrealistic environements. What I like most is to exploit the physical games and find bugs or glitches. That's why I like Reflex, because it is one of the Arena-Shooter / FPS Fast I had not yet play! Here's a youtube link made on Urban Terror, I even managed to invent some jumps: Sorry for your understanding, I'm French ! I used google translation.