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  1. New Custom Emojis for Reflex Discord

    :outaimed: thanks to MAD_JIHAD for pic
  2. Proving Grounds

    I absolutely agree, while alot of maps have really near item spawns, its not to the point where if they spawn there after they kill you they don't have a chance to stop you. Also, the spawn system is broken and players can spawn directly in front and point blank range of players (it rarely happens, but still) I would hate to be going for it and get slammed in the face by a melee as he steals it.
  3. Reflex 1.1.0

    Love it all!. Great stuff devs!
  4. Proving Grounds

    I love how these maps are available for testing through mm now. Great addition!
  5. What would you like to see in reflex

    Nameplates on the addons workshop
  6. Matchmaking punishes you for winning.

    You're absolutely right about the higher rank you get the less you actually care about what rank you are because all you want is simply to find matches. I probably should've put my second "way" first because its more important. I still think the rank punishments should be less severe from losing to lower ranks because the skill distribution among ranks isn't very accurate.
  7. How to make Relfex great again

    Fusion sucks, but the other Two I wouldn't mind. I'd have to run around for an hour on thct1 cause I've never really played it xd
  8. Recently, I've been very frustrated at how much rank I lose from losing to a player of lower rank. While this is a very common thing in video games it doesn't work properly in reflex due to the low player base. The top 3-4 ranks are quite commonly all equal skill levels, with some lower ranked players being able to beat higher ranked players on certain maps, or being particularily good against a certain play style. Heres an example: Kyto beats gaiia on the catalyst because that's his best map, he ranks up to prime overlord and they requeue into another duel. This time its aerowalk and gaiia smashes kyto. Their 1-1 but kyto has significantly lower rank than when he first played. Here's how it should be: the amount you lose should be relative to the number not the rank. A prime overlord sitting at 2500 will lose a ton to a overlord sitting at 2499. edit:higher rank punishments for losing should only come into effect at a skill number difference of around 500 There's a second way matchmaking punishes you for winning, it massively increases your queue times. Sane wasn't queuing for 1h30m on prime time NA because nobody had turbo queue enabled. They just simply couldn't play with him even with it on. The only reason I can play this game is because a lot of my friends use community servers. Otherwise I would simply not be able to find enough matches to justify playing. Turbo queue should remove ALL skill rating barriers. A lot of people just wanna play a match. Edit: I'm NA so things might be different with skill distribution among rank in EU. Idk about things over there
  9. How to make Relfex great again

    While the addition of aerowalk hasn't made reflex bad at all, it certainly hasn't helped. I agree it should be removed. My suggestions for replacements are xy2, calendar,maybe tephra?(rus like that),quick fire. There's a lot of maps that are just ignored. New(not CPM and not the reflex basics like thct7 dm13 etc) maps in the competitive pool are a big thing reflex needs. Who knows, if we actually try them maybe they will turn out to be better than the staples
  10. List of new duel maps for playtesting

    I believe @Sharqositymade a duel map!.
  11. Why was this game created?

    its only 8 dollars(and some cents I think), Just buy it, if you like it play it, if you don't, refund it.
  12. Space Station

    Nice! always love to see new 1v1 maps :).
  13. Golden weapons? Lets do some math!

    I think the competitive point earn rate is pretty good as it is. There are only 7 weapons and I'm sure some people (like necro) are going to have their first pretty soon.
  14. Reflex 1.0.4 -- All the hot fixes

    Thanks for fixing these!
  15. Performance drop

    Same here. 400 fps on catalyst b4 launch 190/ish now (with some really awfull freezes)