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    Reflex 1.2.0

    I think there is alot of confusion with the term "aggression". Real aggressive play styles don't 420 blaze it into their opponents with rockets every single time they see them. Good players know when to be and when not to be aggressive. So using that term confuses alot of people into thinking "I lost because he +backed really hard" when the reality is: "I lost because he was better at deciding when to push" Take a situation: 5s after the game starts on t7, both players have similar stack, but the guy who spawned red has ion cannon. Mega/YA player rushes to get it and gets melted to pieces. What happened? He didn't wait for an opportunity. He could have waited for RA guy to drop down for bolt, drop down for red, or simply go hunting for frags. TL:DR, Aggression is always an entirely viable strategy, even in games with very strong weapons(aka qw), but there is a significant difference between real aggressive playstyles and just plain dum rushing. Creating a ruleset on the goal of encouraging unintelligent game decisions is, imo, a very bad idea.
  2. F4ster

    Reflex 1.2.0

    "if cr1 was good and people liked it, cr2 and sushi wouldn't even exist, and we wouldn't have a sushi discord with almost 150 users in it. People wanted change, so they voted for a new ruleset." I don't even know where to start with this tbh. It only takes 1 person to make any number of rulesets, its illogical to say, because there are other rulesets, that x ruleset is bad and nobody likes it. The number of people in your discord server is completely irrelevant. Anybody can spam invites to a discord server with personal and pickup channels and get members really fast. Sharqosity is in your discord server, he voted yes for cr1. LKO is in your discord server, he voted yes for cr1. Danfel is in your discord server, he voted yes for cr1. Its become an alternate reflex discord server for reasons other than rulesets. The reality is, most people don't care. Most people would rather just play the game and focus on improving instead of endlessly whining about .0000000 decimal changes to rulesets and blaming their losses on it. "people wanted change, so they voted for a new ruleset." Who do you even think you are to project rubbish like that onto other players. Saying the only reason they voted was because of a desire for change is simply false. Unlike you, however, they actually bothered to reply to the forum post and provide arguments. "The changes caused the opposite effect and made the game worse, and it only took Soh doing Soh things in a broadcasted tournament for people to realize that." You lost, get over it. Move on and improve instead of making every effort to delegitimize it. Stop with the "majority" "people" "everybody" "everyone" "the community". Stick with I and why if you want to actually promote change. This is getting pretty off topic
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    Reflex 1.2.0

    "and (as of late) cannot choose to play on any ruleset other than competitive which is a poor experience for the majority of players".Hint:9.8% of 71 is not a majority-. My point still stands: Turbo queue implies clicking it gets you a really fast queue. If it doesn't do that(which it doesn't) Its broken. If people can't handle it when they click "turbo queue" and get exactly that its their problem. " The Season will last 3 months and comes complete with leaderboards and downloadable replays" Its been over 12 months. "-" Those leaderboards only work for people who have it installed. They can also be very easily rigged. Its a band-aid that shouldn't be accepted as a final solution. Being a developer takes work, making a good game takes work. Do you go into the grocery store expecting to buy rotten foods because the employees didn't want to work to keep them fresh? Technical barriers? Overcome them. Can't be done on a crappy engine? get a good engine. "-" @Kyto @promEUs @deekay Can either of you help me out explaining this one? Not sure of the exact "technical" reasons reflex knockback feels so crappy compared to CPM, but really all you have to do is play it to tell. Edit: Kyto - Yesterday at 8:17 PM- Its pretty self evident ye for anyone who has played both cpma and reflex. "The spawn system works as intended in almost all" stop. If it only works in "almost all" cases then it doesn't work. I mean really xyta, you have 2200 hours in this game you know its broken af. I have had times(1.2K hours) where I sit on yellow on Pocket Infinity and the dude spawns on RL right behind me. Edit: To clarify, I'm not asking for an overhaul of the spawnsystem, just for the devs to fix the "bug" where you spawn 2 feet away from your opponent in plain sight, and to provide more options for determining spawns through the map editor.https://www.twitch.tv/videos/58552487 Oh and one more thing, Triggers and movers were promised in .47(iirc, maybe it was 48). Its 1.2 and we still don't have them, but hey, we have crates its all cool :^)
  4. F4ster

    Reflex 1.2.0

    Fairly disappointed tbh. I held off commenting on 1.2beta because it was a beta, and I hoped some much needed improvements were coming in 1.2. Matchmaking needs a new season. TBP promised a new season every 3 months and its been over a year with none. Turbo queue doesn't work as its supposed to. Based on the name its supposed to give you a "turbo" queue, but it only increases the mmr range by a very small amount. So even when my friends(and other people who want a fast queue) want to play with me we can't. As the literal #1 on the ladder in NA right now this makes matchmaking 100% unusable, and if you look at the number of MM matches in north America 2018, you will see its unusable for everybody else as well. This is why there are so many "dead game" reviews on steam. New people get into the game, start up matchmaking, after 5 minutes of not finding anything they hit turbo queue and after another 10-15 minutes the ded game steam review comes. Hitscan at pings of 50+ is still garbage, despite the developers lying to the playerbase about it being "like LAN up to 80ms" No ingame race leaderboards STILL, despite it being arguably the most popular gamemode(there's a lot of private server racers/mappers) No timeout option. Much needed gconst_ variables were not added(separating quad knockback from normal knockback, weapon switch, item times, spawns, etc etc. Fixing the playerscale and collision so rocket knockback works properly. Improving spawn system so you can't spawn in your opponents face. Still no triggers and movers So, in the end we waited a year for more cosmetics, and a reinstallment of what was already in the game, which the developers took out. I guess that's the trend with developers these days- add cosmetics, add more cosmetics, and don't fix long standing issues. Thanks EA
  5. F4ster


    gsconst_(variable for each weapon ofc)wait for weapon reload 0 What this will do is allow you switch to another weapon after shooting before the reload is finished(sry for the orginal missword here) Not sure if its possible, but please make it so you can only switch once after shooting when using gconst_(variable for each weapon ofc)wait for weapon reload 0. Otherwise people will find ways to massively abuse it with scroll wheel etc.
  6. F4ster

    sv_pure poll

    Region:NA Highest rank achieved in matchmaking:Overlord(#4) Do you use custom widgets/HUD elements/sounds/etc.:Yes Do you wish to see sv_pure implemented into the custom ruleset?:No Why? Pretty much everything kyto said tbh. If you really want an even playing field,play halo
  7. F4ster

    sv_pure poll

    Hi, recently the developers have been talking about sv_pure(ill get to what this is in a sec)a fair bit in the discord channel. If you would like, you can read about it here I have seen alot of varied opinions on discord, and I wanted to make a poll so that the developers can accurately know just what opinions the majority of the community hold on this subject w/o having to decide based on who can caps lock the hardest in discord. What is sv_pure? Basically, its a lock the developers are planning on adding that will you restrict you(when playing on the competitive ruleset) to play on the default game, so any customized hud widgets,addons,sounds,changed material files,etc. Will not work. The console command r_lm_clear(clears the light map,see kyto's stream if you want to know what that looks like) will also be disallowed. You will still have access to all the ingame settings(sensitivity,fov,gamma,gfx,etc.) If I have made an error in what exactly the developers have planned for sv_pure please let me know and I will fix it as soon as possible. All the info I have gathered about this has been from the developers comments in the discord channel. Its still a possibility the developers will change their plans. Besides voting in the poll(please do) it would be very helpfull if you replied below using this form template. Its very similar to the one ramagan used in the custom ruleset poll which was very well done. Region:NA/EU/AU/JP/EA/SEA Highest rank achieved in matchmaking:Prime overlord/Overlord/Diamond/Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze Do you use any customized widgets/hud elements/particle effects/sounds/:Yes/No Do you wish to see sv_pure implemented into the competitive ruleset?:Yes/No Why?Reasoning/Arguments/etc.
  8. F4ster

    New Custom Emojis for Reflex Discord

    :outaimed: thanks to MAD_JIHAD for pic
  9. F4ster

    Proving Grounds

    I absolutely agree, while alot of maps have really near item spawns, its not to the point where if they spawn there after they kill you they don't have a chance to stop you. Also, the spawn system is broken and players can spawn directly in front and point blank range of players (it rarely happens, but still) I would hate to be going for it and get slammed in the face by a melee as he steals it.
  10. F4ster

    Proving Grounds

    I love how these maps are available for testing through mm now. Great addition!
  11. F4ster

    What would you like to see in reflex

    Nameplates on the addons workshop
  12. F4ster

    Matchmaking punishes you for winning.

    You're absolutely right about the higher rank you get the less you actually care about what rank you are because all you want is simply to find matches. I probably should've put my second "way" first because its more important. I still think the rank punishments should be less severe from losing to lower ranks because the skill distribution among ranks isn't very accurate.
  13. Recently, I've been very frustrated at how much rank I lose from losing to a player of lower rank. While this is a very common thing in video games it doesn't work properly in reflex due to the low player base. The top 3-4 ranks are quite commonly all equal skill levels, with some lower ranked players being able to beat higher ranked players on certain maps, or being particularily good against a certain play style. Heres an example: Kyto beats gaiia on the catalyst because that's his best map, he ranks up to prime overlord and they requeue into another duel. This time its aerowalk and gaiia smashes kyto. Their 1-1 but kyto has significantly lower rank than when he first played. Here's how it should be: the amount you lose should be relative to the number not the rank. A prime overlord sitting at 2500 will lose a ton to a overlord sitting at 2499. edit:higher rank punishments for losing should only come into effect at a skill number difference of around 500 There's a second way matchmaking punishes you for winning, it massively increases your queue times. Sane wasn't queuing for 1h30m on prime time NA because nobody had turbo queue enabled. They just simply couldn't play with him even with it on. The only reason I can play this game is because a lot of my friends use community servers. Otherwise I would simply not be able to find enough matches to justify playing. Turbo queue should remove ALL skill rating barriers. A lot of people just wanna play a match. Edit: I'm NA so things might be different with skill distribution among rank in EU. Idk about things over there
  14. F4ster

    How to make Relfex great again

    Fusion sucks, but the other Two I wouldn't mind. I'd have to run around for an hour on thct1 cause I've never really played it xd
  15. F4ster

    How to make Relfex great again

    While the addition of aerowalk hasn't made reflex bad at all, it certainly hasn't helped. I agree it should be removed. My suggestions for replacements are xy2, calendar,maybe tephra?(rus like that),quick fire. There's a lot of maps that are just ignored. New(not CPM and not the reflex basics like thct7 dm13 etc) maps in the competitive pool are a big thing reflex needs. Who knows, if we actually try them maybe they will turn out to be better than the staples
  16. F4ster

    List of new duel maps for playtesting

    I believe @Sharqositymade a duel map!.
  17. F4ster

    Why was this game created?

    its only 8 dollars(and some cents I think), Just buy it, if you like it play it, if you don't, refund it.
  18. F4ster

    Space Station

    Nice! always love to see new 1v1 maps :).
  19. F4ster

    Golden weapons? Lets do some math!

    I think the competitive point earn rate is pretty good as it is. There are only 7 weapons and I'm sure some people (like necro) are going to have their first pretty soon.
  20. F4ster

    Reflex 1.0.4 -- All the hot fixes

    Thanks for fixing these!
  21. F4ster

    Performance drop

    Same here. 400 fps on catalyst b4 launch 190/ish now (with some really awfull freezes)
  22. F4ster

    Announcing the Reflex Arena launch date!

    Have to say I'm extremely happy reflex is launching, and so soon!Awesome work TBP. The competitive point system sounds awesome . Bye bye bastion meta!
  23. F4ster

    Mouse input and projectiles feels bad

    I'm totally with you on hitscan feeling like crap on high ping!. Never played cpma though so can't comment on the rest.
  24. F4ster

    Some minor improvements

    Padawan, I was also having problems with huge frame drops on 421, however, I removed the lightmaps (r_lm_clear) and its fixed the problem for me. Dunno if it will work for you, but you should try it
  25. Hi, 2v2 is really fun, but sadly the pickup bot isn't working for NA. Also, it was rare to get pickups going anyway, so I want to know if anybody is interested in weekly 2v2 matches on weekends. -ReX