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    Editor Suggestions

    Here is a list of things that would make the editor experience better (in my opinion). 1. The ability to select more than one side of multiple BSP or select more than one vert on multiple BSP. so a hot key, like ctrl, that you hold while clicking sides or verts so you can move them all at the same time. This would stream line what is a very tedious process. 2. the ability to move one side on more than one plain. Lets say you grab the side (x+) of a cube, but you want to move all four points of that side up (Z+) to make a slanted trimming on your stairs. YOU hold shift+Alt and you will be able to not move that side of the cube (all four verts) up, making a trapezoid of sorts. 3. A simple texture selection GUI that can be brought up with a key and will change the texture of whatever is selected. This will make it much faster to make texture iterations. If I have time, I will make a Gif of each one of these to show a visual example.