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  1. Skaarj

    Future of stake launcher

    Stake launcher returns hype is over and this nice weapon is in weird place right now. Old players seems to forget about it or don't care anymore and new ones don't even know it exist. I wasn't here when stake was removed first time and I don't know reasons but it looks like same thing may happen again. Main issues with stake imo are: it have almost the sam color as shotgun there's no bind for stake in options if map have stake it's there in every ruleset but it's available in warmup and arena modes only in experimental_stake it is projectile version of railgun and have the same role as bolt. While three first points are obvious, last one is more question then statement. For me it seems like stake have same use as bolt, it is more difficult and littile more rewarding but it's still mid-long range sniping weapon. Only exceptions are little extra reach for out of sight targets due to projectile being affected by gravity and lesser effectiveness on extreme long range. I think this is not enough for Reflex when all other weapons are unique, not like other games having 10 different types of machinegun. I can think of one way making stake launcher more distinctive without changing weapons core characteristics. Currently stake pierces through target dealing instant damage just like bolt rifle. What if stake would stay in target instead going through it. Dealing lets say 20 initial damage on hit, and after few seconds exploding dealing main damage, 80 in this case. This way stake would need different approach than bolt while still remain fun to shoot. Exploding stake could be also used for trickjumping and controlling map to a minor extent. Well placed stake with enough luck/skill could done damage or knock back robot jumping for armor for example. I'm aware this is probably bad idea but I've been thinking about this for a while so why not share this with others. Please don't let stake die again. Maybe some mapping competition for duel maps with stake could help.
  2. If we are on this topic, can you define chating? Because last time I checked, altering game files to make some effects transparent was allowed.
  3. Pls make option to filter out official servers from find game tab. or don't display them at all.
  4. Skaarj

    gt1 - Quickfire (Low Frequency Remix)

    Although intensions were good this feels too easy now. Sick RA jumps were distinguishing mark of this map. Easy option is rocket jump, just like on Aerowalk.
  5. Skaarj

    Integrated pickups

    I'm not qualified. To be absolutely honest, I don't mind it at all. Give them some time and they become high level players.
  6. Skaarj

    Integrated pickups

    I was thinking same thing. But on the other hand it would be really annoying if third guy in a row quits duel midgame because his TDM is ready. Nothing against racing during queue. Or players matched for upcoming game could be just thrown into server for warmup FFA until all players are in.
  7. Skaarj

    Integrated pickups

    Well, I guess you're right. Somehow I got impression it will be focused mostly on 1v1.
  8. Skaarj

    Integrated pickups

    TDM and CTF matches are almost nonexistent in Reflex. I believe there is simple reason for this - they just don't work in publics. Players are constantly joining and leaving, while in ATDM it's not big deal, TDM and CTF suffer a lot from this. There's always one guy attacking teammates. Long weapon respawn in TDM is confusing for new players, CTF is never organised, there's like 4 attackers in one team, 3 attackers and guys shooting teammates in other. Solution for all those problems are pickup games obviously but they are also flawed. Most players don't even know what it is and how to add and they are mostly dominated by cpma/reflex veterans. Playing against them can be intimidating for begginers. Huge majority of those players are helpfull and friendly but being cannon fodder is still moderately fun. So, I think we need something like pickups but integrated into game. Big buttons: PLAY CTF, PLAY TDM, PLAY 2v2 and noobfriendly, mandatory training for each gamemode. This could work well with upcoming matchmaking (if it's not part of it already, in this case this post is pointless.).
  9. Skaarj

    High CPU load with lots of players

    I also did noticed fps drops with lots of players caused by cpu(tried lowest possible resolution and fps during drops were the same). i5-2500 / 750Ti.
  10. Skaarj

    mouse speed adjustments without effect

    Most likely you have enabled advanced options in mouse settings. It's for mouse acceleration. Without it, m_speed command should work.
  11. Skaarj

    how do you guys feel about rail balance?

    Bolt does 80 dmg. Bolt max ammo is 20. Guys, be sure about those things before you want to change it. Ofc bolt gun can be nerfed so players with good aim won't abuse it but in this case weapon will become useless for average players.
  12. Sepulchre - Nice new map, perfect for crowded FFA. With quad. Icarus - Don't worry about spawning near enemies on this one. There's quad if you can find it. 2nd_Choice - Simple visuals but there's giant eggplant in outer space here. Also with quad. Deep Inside - TDM map but will work for FFA. Again with quad. The Edge - I'm not big fan of this one but others seems to like it. No quad here. Turbo Shape - Crazy map with interesting design. With quad and resist. The Gravesite - Great looking map. Quad here. Can't recall anything else for now. As KvanttE said, Bazinga is great, quadless map, along with Campgrounds they are my favourite FFA maps.
  13. Skaarj

    Reflex 0.45.0

    So there's no experimental ruleset anymore?
  14. Skaarj

    gt1 - Quickfire (Low Frequency Remix)

    I really like this new theme, but jumppad effects look out of place for me. Performance is better now and fps are steady in every room. Joints are still great. Map only needs some nice view from windows now.