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  1. Reflex 0.47.0

    48 when?
  2. I wonder if I'm crazy for thinking 10 rockets at pickup is too much? Considering it's massive damage, 6 to 8 should be enough. Anytime you waste more than about six rockets in a fight without getting a kill, you're probably using the wrong weapon, and just shooting rockets into the general direction where you think your opponent might show up (which happens all the time because of all the rockets you have available) is not skill in my opinion. It's mostly down to luck if and when you get a direct hit this way. Edit: Or maybe this is a map problem, I'm not sure. I.e. that there are too many rocket and rocket ammo pickups available.
  3. Rework the Burstgun 2.0 (2v2 update focus)

    I love the way melee works currently. It's actually a viable weapon in some situations, and makes for some interesting plays. Please don't change it.
  4. Blood, gore and darkness

    I also prefer the art style of Quake. Blood, gore, darkness, Satan,and gloom.
  5. Painkiller Sounds Ported To Reflex -now in .pak form

    Posting so I'll get notified ifyou re-upload
  6. Clock TimerUp

    Thank you. I have no Quake background so I haven't been used to either counting up or down, and I realised it's easier/more natural for me to add 30 seconds than substract it.
  7. Dedicated Server Guide

    No, nothing. How? Edit: Yes, pinging Google works.
  8. Dedicated Server Guide

    I can't seem to change maps using the workshop. At all. Any ideas? sv_steam is 1. Otherwise everything seems to work. The workshop load and all, I just can't use it. It just goes back to the map that was on.
  9. Post your contact info, find duel buddies.

    Lowskill EU player. Counter-Strike, but no AFPS background. Looking for people who want to play any game mode, not just duel. 0600-0200 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198035798663