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  1. Alternative statistics view

    I'll think about it
  2. Alternative statistics view

    Now there will be better synchronization of the rating
  3. Alternative statistics view

    Mb later, but why?
  4. Localization

    Mb in the next release, you will put all the text in a separate lua-file (gametext.lua for example). And replace TitilliumWeb with OpenSans. Then the community could localize the game to other languages.
  5. Alternative statistics view

    Has already
  6. Waiting for comments http://reflex-arena.ru/ http://reflex-arena.ru/player.php?sid=76561197983432480 http://reflex-arena.ru/match?guid={893C7903-FE26-4F35-98C4-773EBB88C5E8}
  7. Reflex Arena Launch - Changelog

    Ok, but in the same CSGO i have >100fps
  8. Reflex Arena Launch - Changelog

    What about optimization? In QL i have 250FPS Core 2 Quad Q8200. 4GB RAM. Radeon HD4600
  9. ZeroMQ

    It works or not? How?