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  1. As someone who hardly plays duels I disagree with @Ramagan's assertion that weapons must be balanced around duel alone. That being said I do agree with nearly all the suggestions made exept the burst gun one: a strong starting weapon promotes cess in TDM which sould be avoid imo. Also while I agree that the PG might be too strong atm the damage nerf seems a bit too drastic (12 maybe?). Again the ammo management may be an issue for duels but that doesn't mean it is for team modes. That being said I guess the amount of munitions on pickups could be mode-dependant without hurting the overall feeling of the game. Anyway I do agree that testing these changes (including @Kyto's suggestion about nade splash) in experimental ruleset would be good.
  2. Sounds like a terrible idea to me. AFPS should not use handicaps or anything that punishes good play. I do agree however that reflex can feel unwelcoming to a new player if his first experience is a duel against a veteran. 2 suggestions about this until matchmaking saves us all: Make it clear in the game homecreen/server browser that some modes are rookie-friendly (FFA, ATDM) and some are not (duel, TDM, CTF) Allow server admins to tag their server as rookie-friendly or rookie-only. These would appear in the server browser in a different color (green?). This has been done in Natural Selection 2, a FPS/RTS hybrid which struggles with the same learning curve problems and worked quite well imo even tho this particular game has other problems... My 2 cts...
  3. Perflexia - defrag map

    Thanks for the update! The whole map feels good. Some more feedback: in the very last section (bh) i think the last pillar could be a little further. I tend to jump too far when making full use of aircontrol, is it on purpose?
  4. Perflexia - defrag map

  5. Perflexia - defrag map

    Thanks for the map, it's great fun! Some 2c feedback: I happened to fall through the world once at the jump pad section The parts after the strafe jump section over the lava seemed easier to me than the previous ones
  6. Seems like I found another one! http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/37481010607795145/B0DFBA7116910DE6907A43C2381DA33BEDC883C4/
  7. edit: Tell us how, I need more trick jumps in my life!
  8. [Have Your Say] Arena modes

    Another vote for NTF! Very beginner friendly, no downtime waiting for the next round to begin! Edit: typo
  9. Good stuff Memphis, thanks!
  10. Check the mapping forum!
  11. Thanks! This kind of map + the PDF could go a long way to help the newcomers to the genre by making the learning curve less intimidating. Really good stuff!