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    That's a shame. I really would like to see the game grow as a competitive medium. I feel like it's something an organization like ESL would pick up if they saw support for it.
  2. xGhoul


    I'm new to the AFPS community, so maybe I'm just missing something, but I haven't really seen a lot of competitions, besides a few online cups. Has anybody ever brought this game to LAN attention? I'm a huge fan of offline competition, and I'd really like to see Reflex get some spotlight.
  3. xGhoul

    Post your contact info, find duel buddies.

    http://steamcommunity.com/id/xgh0ul Location: US East low skill level, looking for a strong player willing to help me learn the game and improve my skills On usually Thursday - Sunday evenings.
  4. xGhoul

    Post your contact info, find duel buddies.

    http://steamcommunity.com/id/_arcan3 _Arcane NA East mostly online during weekdays around 9:30pm-2am EST Low skill level, but i want to learn. could use a high-skill duel buddy willing to tutor.
  5. I'm new to the game, but if it's all choreographed i guess that doesnt matter. I'm definitely interested in being an in-game actor.