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  1. Is there a way to save a certain way widgets are set up? I just want to be able to switch between two huds quickly without having to manually disable and enable all of the widgets, or repositioning them.
  2. wavedash

    Official 2v2 TDM Mapping Competition

    is this where someone remakes bloodrun with proper scaling and wins
  3. wavedash

    Mega Health Size

    what, the mega health is definitely not as big as any of the armors, he doesn't mean its hitbox but the actual model and the visibility of it
  4. So I was playing on a server that was giving me random lagspikes yesterday, and after each one I'd get this really weird effect, as if I was jerking my mouse around. It stopped after a bit of moving my mouse around manually vid: oh god I realized too late that I made an unfortunate cut in the video, there's two different clips one of them just happens to start where the other one ends, you can see by the timer that it's not one continuous clip