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  1. mrselfdestruct

    Reflex 0.45.0

    Added a "glow color" you can now specify. how do i specify this?
  2. mrselfdestruct

    Weapon Respawn Time

    ok, then i guess the resolution if any would be to allow the setting per map if this is not already possible. keep in mind that although the railgun in q2 is 100 damage it is not near as accurate. it is more of an actual projectile weapon that fires slugs as a railgun should. you have to lead people a lot more in q2. the q3/4/L/reflex railguns are way more point and click and it just seems to take away the need to use anything but rail on some maps...
  3. mrselfdestruct

    Weapon Respawn Time

    fair enough. most of my duel experience comes from quake 2 and the respawn time is 30 seconds in tdm/duel...i have dueled pretty much everything tho and i guess i have never noticed on quakelive it was so low and that may be due to mapping. i could have swore in those games it was at least 15 seconds but i will take your word on it. i do however feel that it is too easy for a railer to control most maps due to rail placement. in quake games the rail would be harder to get to than map designers in reflex tend to make it. there is no risk to go for rail on most maps. this should be considered since it makes it so easy to control a map with rail. at least on say simplicity you have to do the tele or stair jump or have enough speed to make it to it. on catalyst, fusion, ruin and most others it is just laying there and there is zero risk to attain it. i just feel along the way people either got lazy or forgot that at one point in time controlling weapons was a thing in these games... :/
  4. mrselfdestruct

    Weapon Respawn Time

    the weapon respawn time is not long enough in competitive mode. there is almost no way to control weapons. you kill someone and they have a rail or rocket again in seconds. the game needs more to it other than just movement and controlling mega and armors. no game ever had has such a short respawn time on weapons in duel mode. this removing an entire skill requirement that every other arena shooter like this has. the respawn time should be no less than 15 seconds imho... most games have 20-30 seconds in duel/tdm modes.
  5. mrselfdestruct


    i am dying to see someone recreate DM_Sacred from Painkiller. i think it would play really well.
  6. mrselfdestruct

    Mega Health Size

    yes it is tiny compared to the armors. it is hard to see on a map like simplicity. its all blue down there where it is located and the dot it resides on is blue, it should be larger.... maybe like normal health the current size then the 50 50% larger then the mega 50% larger than that. something lol. on top of that annoyances, does anyone know if there should be some audible count down to start a match or end it? mine just abruptly start and stop :/ no audio indication at all :/
  7. mrselfdestruct

    Mega Health Size

    why is the mega health so much smaller than any armor or other power up? since the blue dot where is spawns is on the ground on a lot of maps i am unsure at first glance if it has re spawned again or not. could you please for the love of god make it a normal size lol
  8. mrselfdestruct

    Painkiller Sounds Ported To Reflex -now in .pak form

    uhm i'mma need this pak... i played painkiller back in the day in cal-i hah best i could do!