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  1. 430AM

    Materials Question

    Got it. Thanks much for your help. This is really a lot of fun. I have to run to the grocery... but I'll leave the server up for a bit while I'm gone if anyone would like to see my particularly unconventional map. Server name, "Fracturezone", map name "Rocketslob".
  2. 430AM

    Materials Question

    Hate to be such a newb... but I don't see how to do either of those. I found the jumpad in the material browser, in the list on the left, but there's no 'material' or mesh associated with it that I can see. I'll load up some other maps that have this done already to see if I can figure it out on my own, but if the explanation is simple, please enlighten me.
  3. 430AM

    "go up" bind for editor

    To piggyback off of this question, is it possible to bind for "down" ?
  4. 430AM

    Materials Question

    Awesome. Thanks for the quick reply. One more question... something that's escaping me. I've successfully made a working jump-pad. How do I change its appearance from the default green stripes with "jumppad" copy written across it?
  5. 430AM

    Materials Question

    I'm attempting to build a map, and can't seem to... today... assign a material or color to a brush. I assume it's something simple that I'm overlooking. I select a brush, right now just a simple cube. I then open the content browser, select a material and click on that material. Nothing happens to the brush that I can tell, but this closes the browser. Similarly, I can open the color dialog, choose a color, then click the 'accept' button, for which I hear a confirmation sound, but nothing happens or changes with the brush. Any help is much appreciated.