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  1. No, not that i know of.
  2. Those two sounds are now locked. You can't change them iirc after patch 1.2
  3. Soh


    Helpful playlist for learning spawn frags.
  4. Soh


    Midnight bart by me
  5. Soh

    Reflex Monthly Cups

    If the tourneys are monthly u should look into rotating two maps out per month so we can get fresh maps in to reflex instead of the same old 5 we've been playing for over a year at this point.
  6. Soh

    Community Awards 2016

    #1 NA player : Ramagan
  7. Soh

    Game Mode Problems

    In duel you can move up the queue by changing your name as well
  8. Soh

    What's your playstyle?

    Do dumb shit and hope I get lucky when ooc. Inc just +f and hope I lotto a frag. Hit rails and get banned.
  9. Soh

    Ion Canon needs a buff, seriously...

    In Reflex experimental, shaft shoots every 50 ms and does 6 dmg per tick so 120 DPS.
  10. Maybe if u showed how good u are the next tourney it will attract players to ur team d:)
  11. Actually reflex and csgo actually share some concepts except in different form. For example map control and positioning. In csgo having the correct positioning allows you to take favorable fights which is exactly the same as in reflex. Controlling areas of the map to force other players to act in certain ways also happens in CSGO and reflex. Item control would need to be learned brand new as well as movement. But a lot of the overarching strategy is a bit similar. Like usually in CS you can take fights that are noncommittal and mostly just for info. That's similar to chipping away a stack of the in control player as the out of control player.