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  1. Speedbot

    Small suggestions/bugs

    I really like this in CPMA would love to see it in Reflex.
  2. Speedbot

    Reflex 0.49.0 - Matchmaking refinements

    Very nice improvements
  3. Speedbot

    Is now the time for a free weekend?

    The game needs a lot more polish. A free weekend should be done when the game is in a beta state or very close to full release. I don't feel like it's there right now.
  4. Speedbot

    Ammo in Reflex

    I think at the moment in Reflex ammo is very excessive and at the core of this problem is how weapon pickups stack your ammo. In Reflex if you pick up a weapon you get a set amount of ammo and the weapon will respawn in 10 seconds. If you grab the same weapon pickup again you will get the same amount of ammo again. So for example most Reflex maps have 2 RL, so I can pick both of these up without touching an ammo box and have enough ammo to easily spam without even giving a thought to ammo since there is still ammo boxes and both those weapon spawns will be back in 10 seconds. I know this isn't CPMA but because I feel CPMA has very good balance when it comes to ammo I'm going to use it as a reference for comparison. In CPMA picking up a weapon sets you to an ammo amount if you are below that, for example RL is 10. This means if I pick up one RL pickup I will have 10 ammo, if I pick up a second without firing I will still have 10 ammo, but if I pick up an ammo box it will increase me higher than 10 up to the cap amount. This means that weapon pickups cannot be used to stack ammo to the max amount and thus ammo boxes are given more worth along with making weapon and ammo control much more impactful. On top of this weapons in CPMA take 15 seconds to respawn. This leaves us with the question of what, if anything, should be done about ammo in Reflex? Do you think it's too easy to stack up ammo and spam? Too hard? Balanced? I don't think Reflex should necessarily just exactly copy CPMA but I definitely think right now it's ridiculously easy to get so much ammo that you can just spam without much thought and something should be changed.
  5. Speedbot

    [akumacpm1a] ALL THE RAGE

    Did a custom port of this, remade map from scratch with slightly larger proportions. Enjoy! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=785669013
  6. Speedbot

    Thoughts on current stake gun

    I don't like it and think it was a waste of dev effort to even put it back in the game.
  7. Speedbot

    [sp2] The Core

    The entrance to the back GA room by MH has been widened significantly. The room didn't have much use outside of grabbing the armor and health, now it should also work better for fighting and be a pretty good spot to rail your opponent from. Subsequently the pillars outside the room were slightly moved which should allow better fighting on the outside around the jumppad as well. There have also been some clipping issues resolved.
  8. Speedbot

    [sp2] The Core

    [sp2] The Core 2x RL, 1x RA, 1x YA, 2x GA This map is a high tech, sci-fi powerplant where you can blow each other the f*** up. It's intended for 1v1 but also has FFA and TDM modes enabled. The map has a lot of jumps, teleports, and is based around fighting on two levels. The map draws some inspiration from some of my favorite AFPS maps including Phrantic and The Catalyst. That's not really important but I thought maybe some people might see a few parallels and find it interesting I'll consider feedback as long as it's not too drastic and doesn't alter the overall playstyle of the map. Please let me know if you find any clipping issues impacting gameplay or other problems and I'll fix them as quick as I can. Thanks for checking out The Core! If you like it you can also check out my other map - [sp1] Suspension EDIT: Forgot to mention I have a clean version saved in my private stash so if anyone is having performance problems or just would like an un-arted version let me know and I can upload the clean one.
  9. Speedbot

    sp1 - Suspension - 1v1

    My new 1v1 map. Was trying to go for a fast paced, trappy map. Enjoy and please like and subscribe if you like it http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=757728884 I'm considering maybe adding a 3rd teleporter or changing weapon spawn locations but not quite sure where so if anyone has any suggestions for that I would appreciate it. Other than that this map has been considerably modified already so I'm open to feedback but I'll need to carefully consider things at this point. Thanks!
  10. Speedbot

    Why is there no native option for swap on empty

    I'm pretty sure a lot of players use it in other AFPS where it's available. It's a default option in Quake and I've heard at least a couple ex-Quakers other than myself mention they were irritated that weapons didn't swap automatically when you run out of ammo
  11. I don't want any fancy prioritization just swap to the next weapon in numeric order by variable that has ammo. Don't point me to a mod. This is a simple variable check that calls the weapon swap code already in place if ammo <=0, it would take very minimal effort for the devs to implement.
  12. Speedbot

    Bolt Instaswitch (100ms)

    Where are these people that don't want to do IC->BR combos? Are we playing the same game?
  13. Burst Gun is useless. It's a shotgun with a smaller spread and terrible damage unless you are toe to toe with the enemy. Why is that a problem? Because there's another weapon you start with called melee and you also need to be face to face to use it. This weapon does 100 damage every time you hit with it though. This is why Burst Gun is useless. We need a starter weapon worth a damn. MG is the non-melee spawn weapon in Quake Live is actually a viable weapon, it does 5 damage per tick and can dish out respectable DPS. If you want to keep the Burst Gun it needs to be changed, maybe make it like a weaker PG. Don't know if OP's solution would be enough to make Burst Gun viable.