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  1. VN1X

    amgt2 - 421

    Who needs Satan and Hell imagery when you've got stuff like this! Amazing job guys, looking forward to getting my ass handed to me on this.
  2. Casually killing us while listening to The XX. The nerve of this guy amirite?!
  3. VN1X

    Blood, gore and darkness

    Luckily there's already multiple games in that style Mangemongen. They're called Quake 1 to 3. (I'm sorry)
  4. Dude please tell me you're still working on this? Would love to see a fully detailed version of that in Reflex.
  5. VN1X

    Questions & Suggestions!

    Very but please for the love of all that is good in this world Make the announcer be a robot! There are so many cool ways you can do this it's not even funny. I'd prefer an Optimus Primish kind of announcer actually (deep, low and growly) but there are lots of other variations as well obviously. As long as it's a cool ass robot!
  6. VN1X

    Reflex 0.45.0

    *slow clap* Yeah figured as much but was wondering what actually changed. Anyone?
  7. VN1X

    Reflex 0.45.0

    What does this mean btw?
  8. As far as I'm concerned PRDM8 is the perfect 6 to 8 player FFA and TDM map right now. Made by none other than our lord and saviour PromEUs.
  9. VN1X

    Questions & Suggestions!

    Thought of some more which might or might not have already been discussed. Item customization for every map (enable/disable carnage, bolt rifle, etc) Kill feed to emphasis your own kills. Custom name colours
  10. VN1X

    Idea: Ways of rewarding players

    Yeah I mentioned this in my questions and suggestions thread. Cosmetic items and/or flair type drops could do a lot for player retention. No Black Ops 3 levels of craziness though please.
  11. VN1X

    How can I improve my bolt rifle aim?

    What thelawenforcer said. Also Insta The Pit works surprisingly well as an instagib Reflex map. Go shoot yer mates on that for a few hundred hours and post results!
  12. With great incompetence comes great responsibility Thaylia! Have fun. Will probably host another tourney next month with players below 80-100 hours of play time. Slowly working my way up to the residential Quake gods.