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  1. Kemorg

    Aussie Cup anyone?

    me 2, mid skilled
  2. Kemorg

    Teleporter bug

    pt2, happened again a couple of days ago, 0.46.1
  3. Kemorg

    Teleporter bug

  4. one on steam market for 5usd
  5. Kemorg

    Bugged corner furnace (dp5)

    damn ive been discovered
  6. Kemorg

    Kemorg health and armor dials

    updated, kemorghud0.1.lua health over 100 now overlaps Will try to work something out with the mh buff
  7. Kemorg

    Bugged corner furnace (dp5)

    there is a corner on this map that goes weird, im uploading a vid but its late so im going to sleep (0.44.2) EDIT: dont know how to reproduce, and it isnt the same when i check again now, however it did happen to both players so could be something to do with how the maps load.
  8. Hey, I made a circular speed dial type thing. The two things can be moved independantly of each other, and armor shows tier (r,y,g) let me know what you guys think! Current version: kemorghud0.1.lua