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  1. Something I haven't seen people mention is how there is no downtime to chill out during a reflex. If we look at counterstrike for example, after you die you have to wait for the round to end. This gives you some downtime to calm down and get ready for the next round. In reflex you die, and then you respawn a second or two later and have to fend for yourself. There's no time to cool down. It's one of the big factors that make these games so brutal imo, not only are you getting beaten bad, you spawn every few seconds and then die every few seconds. I think lologrades idea is excellent. How many games have grown huge playerbases off of tangentially related games? Like arma and dayz etc.
  2. Consider that the dude who really destroys you may not always be a veteran. That could be one of his few good games a day and normally he's the one getting wrecked.
  3. I get what you mean. It's not a very satisfying gun. I think part of it is that it's not very easy to identify each of your shots since it's hitscan and theres no beam. As in the guy just dies to a couple of bullets that weren't on your crosshair. Probably just the nature of shotgun weapons in general.
  4. Reflex as a competetive title

    No tutorial will ever be enough. You can't teach aim or an instinctual knowledge of when items are going to be up, only train them. Anyway, one of his big points in the video was skins and reflex has those. Reflex also has developer support. I guess you could say rulesets means the "pros" don't play the same game but that's a huge unrealistic stretch considering we play the same rulesets. No polished team modes? Come on man, CTF and TDM both have interesting metagames and are classic modes. There just isn't a lot of people playing them. I'm sure more cosmetics will come. Just probably not a big priority. How is the game being configurable bad? I never liked that about CS. Don't understand the complaint here. I like all the rulesets. Don't really notice rocket splash being too strong and I like ion cannon being a rewarding weapon. Discussion is always good but I don't think these are strong points
  5. Request: Stake instagib mutator

    I agree with both of you guys. I think warmup mutator is probably the best option. I wonder if CTF would good for casual players too. The whole walk around the base and fight a few guys TF2 angle
  6. Request: Stake instagib mutator

    FFA is pretty hard for casuals. Arena ffa is a lot more appealing to them since they don't have to collect weapons or armor, which is usually pretty hard in ffa.
  7. Is ion cannon dueling effective practice

    I don't mean literal bursts of a few shots, I just mean not holding a track for *too* long, if that makes sense? Maybe not.
  8. Hi everyone. I'm in the process of training my tracking aim so I won't have to worry about it later when I play at higher levels. I've had success at improving my accuracy against players who don't dodge just by playing duel over a few day period and firing in smaller bursts than I used to. I'm reaching the point however where I'd like to train my aim against players who are actively dodging, but I'm not sure if ion cannon dueling is an effective way to do that. Ion cannon dueling has taught me that hitting players who dodge is less about pure tracking and more about identifying their dodging pattern and tracking it. But it seems like when people dodge in duel, it's rare that someone is going to stand in one spot and strafe left and right while you both attempt to dodge and hit eachother with ion. TL;DR will ion cannon dueling help me hit against players who dodge or are the thought processes for dodging in duel and dodging in an ion cannon 1v1 too different to applicable?
  9. Change Color of Particle Effects?

    Dude thats sick. It'd be awesome to have green fire rockets
  10. What's your playstyle?

    Ambush my opponent when he's running the map and try to out aim him. My playstyle isn't really developed yet since I'm pretty new (and bad) and rarely play in control
  11. Hit 30%+ with ion against players who dodge
  12. Should I play this game?

    One thing I notice a lot of people don't seem to talk about is that speed is relative. If you upped the walking speed would it make the game more "fast paced"? It would increase speed across the board but I don't think it would change how you act in combat, since both of you have the same movement options available at the same magnitude. I'd argue the real speed of gameplay in arena shooters come down to the physics of knockback and the wide variety of niche weapons at your disposal rather than moving around the map fast.
  13. Which vector would you use for reference when getting the cross product? Anyway I think a system with that much intervention would just get more inconsistent not less
  14. how do you guys feel about rail balance?

    I think giving it a slight delay before firing would be interesting. For example point at spot fire wait 0.25 seconds fire at the spot you pointed at when you pressed the fire key Sorta like fake travel time but still hitscan.
  15. How can I improve my bolt rifle aim?

    I'm actually pretty comfortable with my bolt aim now, but thank you for the tips. Mostly now I'm trying to work on my ion cannon aim. I've been playing (multiplayer) fpses for about a year, at least while taking them seriously.