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  1. Interest in an NA CTF Tournament?

    I'm down for a draft cup too as long as I get picked first. Draft is kind of shit if you don't know the community tho. or community dont no u
  2. Interest in an NA CTF Tournament?

    I would be interested in playing as well. Everyone knows I'm a tournament player only so I could come back!!!
  3. Custom Ruleset Duel Tournament [NA]

    Thanks for hosting it was good fun.
  4. fragmovie

    I miss those days when you used to cheat. good video
  5. The NA Dojo Duel Cup by dev 4/2/2017

    good cup thanks for hosting
  6. Easy Race Maps server

    Is there a way to rtv currently? Was playing this with a newbie friend and playing on the same map only interested him for so long. Thanks for the server.
  7. Rockets, how do you feel about them?

    I think rockets are pretty okay right now. I would like splash to be up'd a bit and perhaps KB too. Nothing drastic.
  8. 3 man duel and matches interrupted

    It would send me back to the main menu. Didn't have the option to wait. Thank you for clarifying my issue.
  9. 3 man duel and matches interrupted

    So three bugs with matchmaking. Version #1.0.4 1. 3 man duels. Queued like normal, 3 accepted and everyone had their pick/bans. Match in question: The_Catalyst_under_score_Ezormer_13Mar2017_231715_0markers.rep I was sent to In Queue state after the game went live. Received a loss. 2. Being moved from an ongoing game to spectator in another ongoing game. No replays exist of the matches. Confirmed reports of others having this issue as well. Received three losses from this bug personally. Counts as a loss for both parties. Wish I had more info to give on this one. 3. This is more of a potential bug and might be due to connection issues. Join queue, pops, pick/ban, then does not load map or connect to server. Stuck on the loading screen. Received 6 losses from this bug. Again sorry for lack of information on this one.
  10. Agreed this would be a nice feature. I often only use my ban.
  11. Reflex Arena Launch!

    dazedspartan and I were just kicked off of an official matchmaking server and were put into another ongoing match as spectators. Happened at around 6:05 est. DD
  12. Reflex Arena Launch!

    Grats and thank you guys for your work!
  13. Announcing the Reflex Arena launch date!

    Can we get an eggplant head piece? Grats on the release
  14. Reflex Duel Guide

    Really good video, wish it came out when I started playing :).
  15. Mouse input and projectiles feels bad

    Rockets feel consistent to me if I read their movement patterns. It also feels pretty easy to adjust rockets to 110~ ping as well. My hitscan is definitely worse on high pings but is getting better the more I play on EU servers. Dunno about your input latency issues.