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  1. fht


    reality of a guy that judge things by brain instead of emotions, a thing you should learn. mr fanboy what now? does it look better, or only technical? its pointless but thats the whole reason behind this thread edit/ damn english
  2. fht


    @lolograde is it fair some guys laugh at @spessu_sb even hes right? is it fair to compare reflex "2014" (with 3-4 placeholder textures) and reflex 0.46 (better lightning, more meshes)? if you like comic style games -> reflex is good there was no disrespect from me, its just reality...
  3. fht


    reflex "2014" would look better if they had go on with it (no money i know), nothing hilarious here... after 9 years q4 still looks awesome... and even better then reflex (but if you go for a XIII comic game then yes, reflex looks better)
  4. fht

    amgt2 - 421

    finally your done easily best looking map, no doubt! fresh, new, cool, just ammazing brushwork! also interesting layout with like no copycat from other maps and thats just awesome wow and good job ammazzabanane & greed
  5. cant give you gameplay feedback (didn't play for ages) i just want to say this map looks absolutely beautiful @Greed! keep up the good work dude edit: fps are fine for me
  6. you will get faster if you map more on the first reflex build i thought the same ("fuck this shit, give me radiant support") but now its pretty easy with volumeselect and prefabs
  7. tbh i cant tell you exactly how long... i started on the same evening when def uploaded the first version on workshop. i guess something around 25h (10daysx2.5h=25h)
  8. fht

    0.39.1 Point Release

    and now? what is it good for?? absolutely nothing!! please just do what YOU think is good and quit listening to the community...
  9. fht

    [dp5] furnace

    i think you allready did with your map promeus where was i surprised about that? i just say the engine caused the most lightleaks and then you showed up -> which is just NOT true. there are light problems with the engine. thats a fact.
  10. fht

    [dp5] furnace

    yeah wow... thats absolutely not a solution... thats just cover up light leaks. like a women put make up on her face... i put no misinformation about lightleaks in here, its just broken at some parts. simple as that. and you say it yourself. double standards everywhere
  11. fht

    [dp5] furnace

    ok then show me how you fix the tele effect not going through wall edit: "you can work around them" work around them... if so, that means ITS broken dude..
  12. fht

    [dp5] furnace

    first i was like "cool post" i'am going for a serious reply for this constructive criticism.:) afaik its not possible to fix "all" lightleaks. particularly the red/yellow teles (maybe shooter can tell us why this happen or how we can fix this <3) -(in "version 3" i only change one color to a brighter gray.) -we will add some bit more "cracked" meshes on the walls (but not that much like in "version 2/3) -we had reflex logos first but decided to change it. we will change it with next version. (hope there will be flag meshes one day) -imho i dont think its to dark but we can easly make it a little brighter. -that was possible in every version until i change that with "version 1" (and i think nobody ever notice that) -i have something like 50fps more with this version / no frame drops ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ but after i saw you dicking around on discord with personal stuff like: "a one handed gorilla could do it better" and "def messing every map up" then iam not gonna buy your shit like: lets sink on your level and also go personal for once mostly a engine problem (but who would expect that you think about that by this point) (both lightmaps are broken in this picutre) if youre really think the second pic look more vibrant -> :') not directly plasma. pay more attention -> yeeeeaah right.. cant barely see it.
  13. fht

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    love to see that map <3 <3 <3