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  1. CurtHud

    I wanted to mention, new update!!! Now we got us health and armor bars!!! For those that wanted it. Also wanted to thank you all, I come back to check out Reflex after not touching the game for like months to see my hud is the highest rated addon on the workshop! That's amazing! I never thought I could produce something so popular, and it is all thanks to you guys! Y'all are amazing. I only hope I have the motivation to continue working haha.
  2. CurtHud

    I didn't know what else to call it, here's my hud I made myself. Has a weapon rack, health and armor, speed, large ammo counter for the center, and buff timers. It has plenty of options, and I can add more if requested, including changing the background opacity, hiding or showing parts of the hud, what head to display, and hiding the Melee and Burst Gun slots. And now some screenshots... Download the latest version off the Steam Workshop!
  3. Cosmetic suggestions thread

    yall still accepting suggestions? i'd love to see some rad demon-esque armor in the game, like heads with demon horns, clawed hands, etc
  4. CurtHud

    aaaaand there goes my motivation to work on this again lol whatever. i've been playing too much of other games and haven't played reflex in a while cause i suck at it and i have other things to do like school and talking to friends etc. yesterday was my birthday tho and i'm 17 now.
  5. CurtHud

    By the way I started updating my HUD again for anyone that downloaded the manual install version, but if you want the latest version you'll have to get it from the Steam Workshop. Subscribing won't do anything, to download it you have to get it in-game by going to the addons tab in options and finding it on the addon list. I noticed a lot of positive feedback on my HUD on the Reflex Arena Discord server and on this forum and I wanna go ahead and say thanks!
  6. CurtHud

    Hey thanks! I do plan on updating it, as it definitely doesn't look polished, but I have like 0 motivation or energy to work on the hud right now lol. I'll update it when I feel like it, sorry about that.
  7. Why do you play Reflex?

    The robots and artstyle looked cool and I like afps games even though I'm the absolute worst at them. Turned out I could do cool stuff like make maps and widgets in it and the community is really nice so that's awesome.
  8. Cosmetic suggestions thread

    BUD's nocturnal suit from Grow Up. I picked the nocturnal suit because it has the cute goggles on it.
  9. CurtHud

    First one is intentional, you can disable it by checking "Don't Popup Hidden Weps", second I can't do unless the Reflex team exposes the heads in lua, I do have it set to match the color pattern though and you can switch the head with the head slider at the bottom of the options. Glad you're enjoying it and thanks for trying it! Edit: They literally just added the feature to get the player's head in lua thanks to me asking shooter, he's really nice, I'll get to adding the feature right away!
  10. CurtHud

    Got a new computer, can work on my hud now
  11. CurtHud

    btw anyone curious i can't update my hud right now because my laptop is broken currently and needs to be fixed, so right now i'm using a shitty old windows vista laptop. i can't log into steam either because not only did i use desktop authenticator on that laptop because the phone i use is shit and doesn't support apps, but the phone i use i left at home anyway, so. i don't know how serious the laptop injury is, the charging chord shorts out and turns off when i plug it into the laptop and apparently it has something to do with either the battery being completely dead, the video card shorting, or the motherboard shorting which would really suck. i'm a 16 yr old with no life so my mom has to send it to get fixed, we also ordered a new battery since it was dead for a long time anyway. that was a long post, whatever, i'll fix any issues or add anything you want when i have access to reflex back
  12. CurtHud

    you put the pak file inside the base folder in the reflex files. you can find the reflex files by right-clicking reflex in steam, then clicking properties, click local files, then clicking browse local files (i think? i don't have access to steam right now so)
  13. CurtHud

    i won't it was just a thought i had, i was just thinking i've run myself into the ground adding those because i can't add soft shadows around things like meters (unless people are fine with inconsistency in having no shadow around meters, or if there's a way to add blur to rectangles and other primitives)
  14. CurtHud

    unless there's a way to add blur to rectangles so i can add outline shadows around the bars i can't, sorry. i should probably just remove soft shadows entirely and keep the hard-drop shadows.
  15. CurtHud

    create another folder inside base (name it something like internal) then put the pak in that folder, pretty sure its a bug with the way it detects where the head svg files are