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    Ssl cert

    Hey, not sure if this is the right place, but I wanted to request using an ssl certificate for this forum. Let's encrypt provides free ones if money is the issue.
  2. Woeste Wessel

    AMD users with game crashes - read this

    I heard from hooten that he fixed this by disabling the 'sun' from the graphics menu.
  3. Woeste Wessel

    Reflex Arena? Is that the real name of the game?

    Though I'm fine with whatever name whatsoever, I was thinking, the pro's of Reflex Arena/FPS/Wookypookie are that it's 'googleable' (though i always use ixquick and rarely google :P), whereas reflex is a bit of a generic word.
  4. Woeste Wessel

    Reflex Race - Movements x wh1te .

    Very cool!
  5. Woeste Wessel

    Reflex 0.48.0 - Matchmaking + Ironguard + more

    Nice! Bridge tool looks awesome (-: Turbo queue is a cool concept too!
  6. Woeste Wessel

    Reflex Racing 2016 - A Christmas Special

    Very nice!
  7. Woeste Wessel

    Should I play this game?

    Cool! And thanks for sharing your experiences (-:
  8. Woeste Wessel

    Still struggling with some jumps

    This tutorial helped me a lot when learning telejumps (I came from Quakelive / VQ3 movement):
  9. Woeste Wessel

    Should I play this game?

    I actually think most people do use all the guns. Guns are very situational, every gun has its (situational) benefits. Also, you don't always have all guns available to you, so sometimes there's simply no other option than to use a specific gun. That said, I don't use burstgun much. I used to use machinegun in quake much more often, for finishes and long distance fights, burstgun seems less effective in similar situations. I think there's actually 8 weapons, since I don't think there's maps with both stake (weapon9 i believe) and bolt rifle.
  10. Woeste Wessel

    Why do you play Reflex?

    Thanks for clearing that up.
  11. Woeste Wessel

    Why do you play Reflex?

    I have demo's in "E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\reflexfps\replays", *Edit: -or at least i think they are demo's, but I've never tried playing them. When I try to play them, it seems the latest onces were made using an older version of reflex. -Also, I don't see any recent 'demo's' (or whatever they are). The latest have a timestamp of 29/9/2016.
  12. Woeste Wessel

    Why do you play Reflex?

    I think since some time now, demo's are also recorded clientside.
  13. Woeste Wessel

    Reflex Race Videos (Youtube Playlist)

    I think this one is missing: And I'm hoping for a future video of kaw-palms. Anyway, thanks for the playlist <3
  14. Woeste Wessel

    GTX 970m cant go fullscreen

    You probably already updated your drivers and stuff? If not, I'd try that. Also check your cables and stuff. I have issue's running certain framerates on certain types of cables/connectors.
  15. Woeste Wessel


    I've played it a few times now, and I think it probably works best as a FFA/TDM map. It's pretty spaceous, so it doesn't really play like a regular duel map. I also fixed some things, since the position near far YA was a bit too strong, and people didn't figure out some trickjumps. Here are some of the basic things: Video of basic stuff
  16. Woeste Wessel


    I made my first map. I made it for duel, but I'm planning to release a FFA and TDM version as well.
  17. Woeste Wessel

    Reflex 0.46.4

    I've played a few games so far with the new settings and I'm very happy now :-)
  18. Woeste Wessel

    Impulse - 2v2 TDM

    I really want to save some panda's but I've only been able to walk through this map on my own so far. What I like on first sight: -It looks distinctive and original. -Pillar stuff in the middle is cool -Trickjumps. What I don't like: -I don't really like those walk-through-windows. I find them confusing. I guess it's a personal thing. -RA might be a bit too easy to escape from, I'd need to play it to be sure.
  19. Woeste Wessel

    gt1 - Quickfire (Low Frequency Remix)

    Very nice video (-:
  20. Woeste Wessel

    Ion Canon needs a buff, seriously...

    Does anybody know what DPS is for IC in reflex? What is it in competitive? And what is it in experimental? I played some a1v1 the other day and noticed LG wasn't very effective. I used to play Quakelive before (but quit after the sept 2014 update), so that is my reference. I think LG used to be 140 DPS there, though I think that was before they nerfed LG damage to 6-6-6.
  21. Woeste Wessel

    Being in a server twice

    No, this was the first time I encountered this behavior.
  22. Woeste Wessel

    Being in a server twice

    This morning I was playing rr_rek-plato on the 'Dank Disciple of Defrag -[Race EU]- server and I got stuck in a wall. This happens every now and then when playing Race, but this time was different. I tried to suicide. The message appeared "Woeste Wessel killed himself" (or something like that), but I didn't spawn in a different location, I was still stuck. I tried to spectate. Nothing happened I tried to reconnect. I succesfully entered the server again, however, my 'old' body was still there, hanging in the air. Reflex version: 0.46.2 Specs: I7-4770, gtx 980ti I took a screenshot as well. Just behind the scoreboard you can see my body floating. Also notice that I'm appearing twice in the scoreboard.
  23. Woeste Wessel

    [Significant Changes] xy3 - "Leuko"

    Played it a few times now and I like it a lot! Theme is very nice. Thanks!
  24. Woeste Wessel

    Experimental Wishlist

    I'd like different sounds for friendly/enemy-models.