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  1. My first YouTube video. Enjoy
  2. Steam Workshop (2017/03/16) Now available through the steam workshop.
  3. Steam Workshop (2017/01/25) Now available through the steam workshop.
  4. Steam Workshop (2017/01/25) Now available through the steam workshop.
  5. brandon

    [0.47.5] Mutators and Training/Race

    I was just thinking that wherever you store the times, you would also store the latest hash from the publisher, and use that to do the comparison with the calculated hash being sent.
  6. brandon

    [0.47.5] Mutators and Training/Race

    You bring up a good point with the cached maps. I guess the best solution would be to keep the hash values to deal with the cheaters, but times should not be tied to a hash value. Instead, the hash value should be used as a requirement for submitting times. What I mean by this is, in order to have a time submitted, the hash must match the latest hash on the workshop. This way, any bad times are completely avoided, and since times will no longer be tied to a hash value, they should not be overwritten after a map update, and instead should only be updated if you get a faster time.
  7. brandon

    [0.47.5] Mutators and Training/Race

    If the times were saved immediately that would be great and storing the mutators is a good idea and would allow for filtering certain ones in/out. My main concern at the moment is the hash values for the maps. I understand that they were the solution to stopping people from editing maps and cheating, but in practice they do not work well. One problem that comes up is, when a creator makes any update to their map, the hash value is updated as well. As a result of this, any times that do not match up with the latest hash value are obsolete and the leaderboards are in a way... "wiped". This stops any cheaters, but also any legitimate times are now old and will get overwritten. There have also been some instances where the hash value of a map would change for no reason. Sometimes the hash values for maps are different if you play on a local server, and on one occasion the hash value changed after I played a full game and the next game began. A better solution to this would be to have a permanent unique identifier for each map on the workshop that the times are tied to instead of the hash. This permanent identifier can be the workshop id of the map.This way, any little updates from the creator will not make times register as "old" and get overwritten. There will be only one way to play and get times on the map, and that is off the workshop. To handle cheaters, you can stop times from being submitted if someone enters edit mode during their session, and if they try to save the map and play it locally it won't register since it's not the actual workshop map anymore. If a mapper wants to make a big change that will cause slower/faster times (fixing a shortcut for example), they should make a new version of the map on the workshop -> myracemap_fix. This follows the same strategy other racing style games use for their leaderboards. I hope I have been clear enough and thank you for the reply.
  8. brandon

    [0.47.5] Mutators and Training/Race

    When playing training or race, there currently is no way to differentiate between regular times and times achieved using mutators on the leaderboards. I can for example use the low gravity mutator to achieve faster times on certain maps. The leaderboards are missing a value/flag to check if any mutators/weapons were used during a run. As of now anyone looking to achieve a top time playing regularly will be ranked behind anyone who got a faster time using the above methods. Also, race times are only saved at the end of the match. If a player gets a time, and decides to leave instead of waiting until the entire duration of the match is over, their time won't be saved.
  9. Update 1 - fixed bug that would crash feed - background opacity can now be changed
  10. Features - different styles, with unique animations - custom colors - adjustable alignment - adjustable feed direction Style Examples Update 1 - fixed bug that would crash feed - background opacity can now be changed Installation Download Here Locate your Reflex installation directory. Typically it’s found at Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/reflexfps/. Place the .pak file inside the /base folder. Steam Workshop (2017/01/25) Now available through the steam workshop. Instructions Enable "br_KillFeed" in the widgets menu.
  11. UPDATE 1 (2016/08/12) New Themes - added text drop shadow option - you can now preview text in options - fixed banner theme animation - performance improvements (results may vary)