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  1. Stylin

    Reflex 0.47.0

    Great update! and thanks for this
  2. Stylin

    [0.45.1] Connection Interrupted

    So i got the error again, looks like a VAC issue. Gonna go through some steps in steam support.
  3. Stylin

    [0.45.1] Connection Interrupted

    I believe it says the same thing. I'll try and recreate the error just to be sure. Edit: Played some race maps on my server for about 30-40 min to no avail. Also, just to be more clear, I have only gotten the error on my own server when it had already taken place on a public server. It's like the game temporarily prevents me from joining any server. I'll play some games tomorrow during peak hours to attempt another.
  4. Stylin

    [0.45.1] Connection Interrupted

    Thought this stopped happening after 0.45 but its still going on. the game freezes and says 'connection interrupted' and then disconnects a few seconds later. Console says 'server stopped responding' and attempting to reconnect freezes the game the moment i join. Also occurs when i create my own server but only if i have 'steam integration' enabled. Usually happens within a 20 - 60 min time frame although I've had it happen a few times in <10 min of joining a server. The only way I've found to deal with this is to close the game for about 10-20 min. I don't believe I have any packet loss it is always at 0 whenever i try to look for any. The game runs smooth no lag or anything right before it freezes. Happens in both low ping (20 - 50 ms) and high ping (80 - 99 ms) servers. I also don't use a router and have a wired Ethernet connection. What I've tried so far: Disabling and closing my antivirus, firewall and any other background program Restarting steam, fully reinstalling game and restarting computer
  5. Stylin

    [0.45] Reflex Has Stopped Working

    So I found the culprit apparently it was my MSI afterburner and Fraps that were running simultaneously. Closing one of them resolved the issue.
  6. Stylin

    [0.45] Reflex Has Stopped Working

    Sent the report 3 times. So far I've tried restarting steam, "Verify Integrity" and deleting local content. Game worked fine previously. GPU: r9 270x CPU: Q6600 Ram: 8 GB DDR2 OS: Win7 64 bit