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  1. Rockets, how do you feel about them?

    For me the splash/splash damage is just too low/weak, I am not asking for a QW splash kind of thing, but surely a little bit more of splash would be nice and the clunky rocket fights would appear less often.
  2. Additive hitsounds widget - ADDON LIFE

    Awesome, it works fantastic. Also... can you provide a link for that "spacelike" aerowalk?
  3. Best way to get maximum performance on crappy hardware?

    7 months ago my pc died and I am stuck playing with a crappy government netbook, it´s impossible to play on anything higher than 320x200, and even then I get a poor performance on almost every map, have you tried playing on a performance version of the map? (The "pure" versions of Catalyst and Pocket Infinity, also on the workshop there is a minimal version of Use and Abuse, you may want to check those out) But I do believe that this game is not meant to be played on these kinds of hardware. For what I know, it´s very GPU demanding and it seems that the netbook´s one can´t do a proper job on that matter. Try changing to a lower resolution and check those maps
  4. No... I think they are a nice feature, it also can be an incentive to keep people playing (aside from the gameplay itself)
  5. old weapon models

    Actually I was looking for a way to get the old "metallic" jump sounds, thank you
  6. old weapon models

    Would be awesome to get them as a weapon skin, but I think at least for now the devs have more important things to work on. Either way, I support the idea of getting the old weapon models as an alternative (maybe the old rocket launcher too =0 ?)
  7. Players in South America

    ​Vieja, pasame tu steam URL por MP y jugamos =D
  8. Coming back after 10+yr

    ​Well, considering that Reflex is not Quake, a lot of the qw/cpm/qlive maps are not official. The community has made some of the qw maps like dm4 for example, but it doesn´t play like QW because of the mechanics... For what I´ve seen, team deathmatch is already playable, and CTF is around the corner, we should gather more players to play, considering that the playerbase of South America can be counted with the fingers of the hands haha.
  9. Coming back after 10+yr

    Hi dude, I am from Argentina so hopefully we will play later on =D 1) Regarding the servers, there is one from Brasil right now, think the name is just "Brasil Reflex Server", just open the server browser in the game and that´s it. 2) I use a Razer´s Deathadder and a Steelseries QCK and have no problem whatsoever with it. PM me your steam URL so I can add you.
  10. My FPS Jumps

    I get the same problem in maps with the new textures/props like bdm3 for example, but I also had this problem when I first started playing the game until the optimization update, but the the august update happened ... Back then I tried changing my resolution and capping the fps and it worked, but your case I don´t understand because you have better specs than me (GPU: Nvidia GT 520). Try playing on cpm22 or a map with nothing of the new stuff or see if you can cap the fps to a lower number to see if the problem persist.
  11. We can play if you want, Im kinda mid-more to low level and I dont really played a lot of the reflex maps to be honest. PM me your steam ID =D
  12. Why do you play Reflex?

    Memphis bought the game for me =D
  13. Reflex in South America?

    I will answer the guy in spanish, so if Im breaking a rule of the forum let me know. Mira che, yo y un par mas de pibes lo tenemos, hay gente de brasil que lo tiene, durante este periodo deje de jugar por falta de interes/problemas de rendimiento en el juego. Como dijo seekax habia un server brasilero pero este desaparecio en el tiempo en el que no estube. Si queres agregame @ steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/atPr3/ y cualquier cosa vemos que podemos hacer. Un abrazo!
  14. OMG! GAm3r GIrLzZzZz!~ <-- Joke

    In my opinion it´s not a good idea to implement a matchmaking system with a small playerbase. First the devs would have to do something to attract new people in, but I think there are other things right now to be more focused on.
  15. OMG! GAm3r GIrLzZzZz!~ <-- Joke

    Nice friend that you have in there. Try to find new people to play with, this is a game where a little difference in the skill can make a huge impact on the scoreboard.