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  1. scar_tom

    We need to talk about the state of the game.

    It doesn't, last time I checked it needed to have the full amount of players before it initially starts the game, then people can drop in/drop out. However, it's been at least a month since I tried and they might've changed that.
  2. scar_tom

    We need to talk about the state of the game.

    I still think that the game has too large of a barrier for entry and needs to refine casual matchmaking so it just plops people into servers of games already running, rather than check for enough people to start a game. Because, as it stands, people aren't going to get enough levels to try competitive 1v1 because they think the only real way to get into games is through casual matchmaking, which almost never yields any results. I've said this hundreds of times and people "hear" me, but I really do think it should actually be discussed internally by the devs to implement systems/changes such as this. I mean, I don't play anymore, but I really actually do hope for this game's success.
  3. scar_tom

    AMD users with game crashes - read this

    The map that always crashes for me is skytemples, try that without sun and tell me if it crashes for you. For reference, I'm on an RX 480 and still have my drivers rolled back so I can't test this.
  4. scar_tom

    AMD users with game crashes - read this

    Still broken with latest drivers. Bump
  5. scar_tom

    We need to talk about the state of the game.

    I believe we simply need this (even though I know it's already confirmed) also an enticing free weekend
  6. scar_tom

    FFA and Quick Play/Matchmaking

    I personally would advise against this with the current system, as the community really isn't big enough to justify this need. I feel like the "quickplay casual mm" idea would better serve this purpose.
  7. scar_tom

    For nvidia users [not so much related to reflex]

    I'd honestly just use rivatuner. The frame pacing with it is pretty great.
  8. scar_tom

    FFA and Quick Play/Matchmaking

    Shameless bump #2
  9. scar_tom

    Reflex 1.0.5

    For some reason I thought you had until the game actually started to quit, previously. In retrospect, that doesn't make sense as it would allow people to dodge maps
  10. scar_tom

    Reflex 1.0.7

    I didn't even know point #1 was an issue. Good job nonetheless. :ok_hand:
  11. scar_tom

    Reflex 1.0.5

    Upon further discussion in #Global, that kind of server vote may cause one player to flame at another if they feel their situation is unfair. Hmm, I don't have any more ideas.
  12. scar_tom

    Reflex 1.0.5

    Which is why I argue that the player should connect to the server they play on, click accept there, and then have everything else be the same. Edit: Actually, as @promEUs mentioned in discord chat, having a report server vote (like a ceasefire, sort of), might work better.
  13. scar_tom

    Reflex 1.0.5

    I fail to see how this is an improvement. What if you get matched with some ruski, or you crash before the game actually starts, or your ping just sucks, so you quit before the game starts? It's happened to me at least twice.
  14. scar_tom

    FFA and Quick Play/Matchmaking

    I accidentally made a post with almost this exact topic. But yeah I actually agree with duck here. Reflex doesn't have enough players to sustain splitting players between different servers for casual games. Putting people into already existing casual mode games would really make the game seem more alive.