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  1. Tchernobog

    Reflex and CPMA Movement Physics

  2. Tchernobog

    HUD Feedback Thread!

    As a newbie, I have no idea how to make these files work. Could you walk me through the process of making your hud appear in-game please?
  3. Tchernobog

    [45.1] Connection Issues

    Yeah I'm on wireless, I will look into the adapter thing and see if there's a way to disable it. Thanks for the reply
  4. Tchernobog

    [45.1] Connection Issues

    Every 10-15 seconds my connection gets interrupted, and I get a lag spike (ping goes from 30 to 200-300, then back down). I've tried resetting my router, but the problem persists. Any ideas? Edit: Sometimes after spending a few minutes of trying to bear these lagspikes, the game will seem to freeze for around 10-20 seconds, then I get returned to the menu page. Checked the console and it says "client: server stopped responding" Sometimes there's also a few servers I can't connect to, with a message saying "Error: incompatible server version"
  5. Tchernobog

    KovaaK's compilation HUD

    Seems the only "error message" (quotes b/c idk if it's actually an error message) I could find was "unknown entity type ' '". The problem may be with my own router, but all my other devices have no connection issues, and any other game I play on my computer is fine too. EDIT: So I reset my router, did not fix the problem. In fact, I'm having connection issues in all my other games as well. Don't think that the problemis the HUD, so sorry to bother you
  6. I recently went onto the ArenaFPS reddit page asking what the exact differences were between Reflex's movement physics and CPMA's. Smilecythe made some comments and it seems like he has a pretty good idea on how to improve movement in Reflex. Here's the thread for anyone who wants to read, share your thoughts on it if you'd like. https://www.reddit.com/r/ArenaFPS/comments/4u794y/reflex_and_cpma_movement_physics/
  7. Tchernobog

    KovaaK's compilation HUD

    After I downloaded the config and followed your steps to the letter, the game seemed to break. I experienced connection issues, and after I decided to get rid of the config (by deleting the file from the SteamApps/reflexfps/base files) the default scoreboard is no longer visible. I cant see how many points I or my opponent has. What the hell happened?