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  1. KangaJoo

    Custom Ruleset Poll

    Yeah, one of my biggest gripes about reflex, and one that I've heard from people I've tried introducing the game to, is that the weapons do so little dmg compared to the strength of the armor. A lot of people find the shooting part of FPS games more fun than the item control aspect, myself included, so I wouldn't mind emphasizing that part of the game more.
  2. KangaJoo

    We need to talk about the state of the game.

    Option 2 sounds like it'd be a fun mode just in its own right. As someone who likes the focus to be on the shooting and less about control, I'd probably prefer that mode over duel. With that said, I definitely don't think it should replace duel as we have it now. Too many people know and love the current version of duel and I honestly don't think we should be doing anything that would get rid of it. Having option 2 as its own mode might be cool, though.
  3. KangaJoo

    Reflex 0.48.0 - Matchmaking + Ironguard + more

    Would it be possible in the future to change the queue system to make it so once you queue up for a ranked game, you can join any server on the server browser or play offline while you wait instead of having to join an FFA server? If I'm going to wait for a game to pop, I'd like to be able to choose what I do during that time.
  4. KangaJoo

    Sanctum - prdm9

    Had a few duels on this and they were pretty fun. Only things I wanted to change were health placement and bolt placement. It just felt a little broken bhopping along one side of the map for about 3 seconds and picking up over 100 HP. Nobody I played really bothered using bolt much because it's sort of a pain in the ass to get to and feels like more of a trap than MH and YA which I find a little weird. I'm not sure where you could put it but I think it's a bit too far out of the way/too much of a trap right now.
  5. someone should edit sane's face on the kid in the red car
  6. KangaJoo

    Calendar - terit4

    before and during the cup I saw a bunch of people really struggling with that jump on the 3 pillars outside ra room that takes you to ic. I think you should either make that a little easier to do consistently or make how it's supposed to be approached clearer with some visual queues so people don't constantly do it wrong. There's also the problem of being able to hide above RA (how the tournament was won) and being able to hide on top of the really tall pillars with pg. Other than that, I personally feel like it's just a little bit too big and plays a bit slow but I'm guessing that's intentional and probably a good thing considering how many tiny, fast maps reflex has already.
  7. KangaJoo

    Cosmetic suggestions thread

    Reflex needs frying pan melee
  8. KangaJoo

    Global vs Non-Global Sounds

    I agree. Suggested that when the update first came out.
  9. KangaJoo

    Ion Canon needs a buff, seriously...

    Yeah, and if the devs don't already have their own internal way of looking at basic meta data like average damage per weapon on different maps, they should probably fix that.
  10. KangaJoo

    Ion Canon needs a buff, seriously...

    From what I've seen, at all skill levels rockets are usually how people deal most of their damage although the disparity between rl and bolt/ic tends to get smaller as you look at higher skill players. Even when I watch the top level players, though, I still see rl dominating in damage especially when people play on exp ruleset. From what I can tell, high level players tend to have around 2-3:1:1 rl:ic:bolt damage stats on the competitive ruleset and then 3-4:0.75:1 on exp ruleset. Then again, that's just what I've seen from streams and tournaments. It would be nice if more guys like profanum and fuglaa commented here so I could know for sure if what I've seen is actually true.
  11. KangaJoo

    team website

    Have you tried talking to CEVO? They probably won't be interested but they held BF3 and BF4 leagues for a while and having played in those leagues, from what I could tell they mostly cared about whether or not there were enough players/teams to have regular matches more than if the game was actually popular. Might not work out but it couldn't hurt to send them an email.
  12. KangaJoo

    Global vs Non-Global Sounds

    The difference is the out of control player isn't at more of a disadvantage in the case of nonglobal sounds on minor pickups and movement compared to when we had global sounds. The in control player is presumably the one picking up all or most of the major items so they aren't impacted nearly as much by non global sounds on them. Nonglobal sounds on major items therefore have a larger impact on the out of control player than the in control one meaning the out of control player is at a larger disadvantage than with global sounds. With nonglobal sounds on movement and minor pickups (things that the out of control and in control player can both take advantage of equally), the balance between out of control and in control players isn't really impacted.
  13. KangaJoo

    Another new-maps-cup, more than 1 map

    @Terifire Yeah, calendar is super new lol. I would actually kinda like it to see it in a tourney, though. Inertia, votok, and outlast look pretty cool, actually.
  14. KangaJoo

    Reflex duels youtube playlist

    It'd be cool to have an account that had a playlist people could just add their duels to. Maybe break it up into commentated/noncommentated matches. Then again, you'd have to trust people to not troll and upload 10 min rick rolls or something.
  15. KangaJoo

    Another new-maps-cup, more than 1 map

    if 421 still counts as new, that gets my vote. Yirktos' had a new map called yk7 but i'm not sure what happened to it since I'm not seeing it on the workshop anymore. Lueko by Xytaglyph (steam url) and Vicious by King (steam url) could work and Speedbot just polished up Suspension (steam url) but I'm not sure that it would be suitable for comp play yet. Also, there's your map, Nyftom which looks like it plays pretty well.