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  1. Reflex 1.2.0beta

    Road map pls. When working bot, cool statistics, ingame demo browser, useful tutorial system, server-side modding (not just ruleset), ingame tournament system, solution for noob vs pros rape problem... Stuff, that make game to be wanted play again. Pure gameplay, skins, fixing rulesets and lua cheating - too late.
  2. SushiFlex Mapping Competition

    Sushi and defFlex has diff movement, hence some tricks/routes can't be properly ported if aim to sushi only. So?
  3. Unable to use GUI to vote for a new map (intermittent)

    It happened to me and a guy on same server at same time.
  4. Base problems of team modes

    Why not just bomb defusal mode, we already have dust2, aztec, cache
  5. Can't install addons/select maps through game

    Normal account - same shit. But it was not for all time, so definitely game bug.
  6. Reflex Replay Helper

    Another idea: replays repository list. So u can add another servers. Guess almost no way to get any info without downloading except some nicknames in file name, but still useful to keep all demos in same place. Also add function to scan that repository from specified forum thread.
  7. Reflex Replay Helper

    Cool if u add all stats (parsing from stats link) and image of preview kind of reflex.ru score (map preview image as font with stats).
  8. Matchmaking website lagging as shit

    Title says all, maybe was said already but if still no fixes... Lucky if it loads in 10s, often it simply returns 500 error.
  9. Wrong map in Competitive duel

    Simply we voted for Static and instead got Fusion, FUSION CARL! Often enough (similar cases with wrong maps) to get annoyed. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=915714203 https://reflexmm-149202.appspot.com/matchstats?replay={470F646A-16FD-44B3-8E03-F41C3F221B4A}
  10. Map compression

    It's kind of when u got a cut on ur leg and instead cure it u cutting down whole leg, ye, leg doesn't pains any more, great solution. Same here. Instead clearing lightmap here must be brightness/gamma slider, instead low quality light map - some lm optimizations and compression. I don't know about steam api, but if it blocking kind of .zip files (that is dumb and 99% here no problem), still possibly get .lightmap files compressed without that .zip in name. And it question not only for race, lm can be huge for some ffa, ctf maps, mid-big sided duels. 100mb for map(with lm) isn't ok anyway.
  11. Map compression

    this is bad solution. Maybe creating some less good but also less heavy, but lighting should be as default - game must looks good from box.
  12. Hello. Recently played some race server. Saying as noob, so it will help huge amount of auditory, game can become fun as race game only imo. So, add savepoints, at least mapper editiable only. Like map is chain of points a-b-c-d-e. So, if u handling good enough a-b-c, but failing on d, why not add savepoint near and train that d-e way, but not just put player on that spot, but saving some his speed (or default one by mapper). Ye, sometimes high speed is not good, so should be selectable from upper to any lower (but it's details, I'm saying here about main idea).
  13. Map compression

    Yo. Recently played race server. Was voted some map with 500mb size. U know, it's take time (feels same long as soon^tm in this context). So, what about add some compression? Like pure map (lighting to be correct) is 586mb, zipped 491mb, rarred 381. Here for sure some simple to use and free library that u can integrate to client. So, add to publishing process compression. Sounds nothing hard, but giving feeliable good feature.
  14. We need to talk about the state of the game.

    Some system with likes and dislikes in kind of "wise", "cute" and "fag". Or ESEA karma system. So if u all time raging and shittalking - u will fired out from MM for a while (but also must be counter-system for prevent fake dislikes). Probably with additional rating and prizes for that.
  15. We need to talk about the state of the game.

    You guys too focusing on armours or some another specified aspects but missing main. Main - is human focus possibilities is heavy limited. New player need to keep focusing for thinking about witch weapon he have right now, where he is, how healthy he is, where to find another weapon, how to move, ect. and additionally he need to think what think about all that his opponent and how to play against that. Main difference between new and top player is how many stuff he can focus on same time. Actually, number is near same (7 +/- 2), but in 1 of that runtime memory cell top player has much more information than new. And to get that stuff compressed need training, and if start count of stuff would be not high and increasing by 1 part of game stuff and after previous gets compressed - learning process will be much faster. So, question not in changing armour system (or any another aspect), question on total removing that for new player. Put them to play special simplified maps with only 3-4 main weapons, then add 1 major item with timer, then some bit harder maps with new movement aspects ect. Question where to get players for this training ladder - "simply" BOTS. Also all that must be obviously as some good UI system. Like new player launching reflex for first time, he has blocked competitive mods until he finish that interactive tutorial, he has 1 big button, like New game that instantly put him on server where he getting info about basic keyboard/mouse/hud configuration, then info about few basics aspects like simple w/a/d/s/jump/crouch movement, and 3-4 main weapons and instantly getting fight with bot, after explanation about some few another aspects like armours, half-advanced movement knowledge... Would be great to have it as some "single player" story, with voice actors, some story, video-frames with examples. And for finishing major parts player gets some cosmetics. I think for professional developers nothing hard to found good solution oneself, question do reflex devs have resources and priorities and motivation. Sum up: protection from veterans, step-by-step 1 game aspect tutorial and right after match with bot, fancy UI and some intrigue in process time.