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    Reflex Racing Cups

  2. htprankster

    Reflex Racing Cups

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    Reflex Racing Cups

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    Reflex Racing Cups

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    Reflex Racing Cups

    Reflex Racing Cups It's time to give reflex racing the love it deserves, announcing the Reflex Racing Cups! ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ Info We will provide 3 different kind of tournaments: Live Cup ⟶ A small and casual livestreamed tournament that last 3 rounds for 12 racers maximum. Touring Cup ⟶ A monthly racing tournament based on skill tiers. World Cup And we'll start by scheduling the Reflex Racing World Cup 2018. ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ Events Reflex Racing World Cup 2018 1st Round: https://reflex.racing/cups/events/rrwc2018/1/ 2nd Round: https://reflex.racing/cups/events/rrwc2018/2/ 3rd Round: https://reflex.racing/cups/events/rrwc2018/3/ 4th Round: https://reflex.racing/cups/events/rrwc2018/4/ 5th Round: https://reflex.racing/cups/events/rrwc2018/5/ 6th Round: https://reflex.racing/cups/events/rrwc2018/6/ 7th Round: https://reflex.racing/cups/events/rrwc2018/7/ 8th Round: https://reflex.racing/cups/events/rrwc2018/8/ The RRWC 2018 has ended! We want to thank all: Racers Mappers - lolograde, Ish, Smilecythe, Jane, donny, Sharqosity, rekkor, bej. Testers - Donald, LoubiTek, Koala, Slobo, lichen. And a special thanks to: Cosmo for the emojis (even though some are questionable) Kawumm for the betting bot which was almost as entertaining as the cup itself CrazyAl for streaming, not just on sundays but throughout the week and hyping RRWC everywhere All donators! Last but not least the Reflex Racing Cups staff: lolograde htprankster Thank you for participating, this cup was a success thanks to all of you. We've got more racing cups coming soon™, stay tuned. ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ Registration Sign-up to any of the events listed above by following these steps: Join discord. Ask on #registration for grade and location roles**, if you're not planning to race you can also choose whether to be assigned to the mappers or testers. Apply to upcoming cups on their respective forms once they get announced on #announcements, on the official RRC website or on the Events above. ** Not required for the World Cup unless you apply for mapping or testing. Make sure to read the rules before applying to a cup, see Info above. ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ Prize pool Prize pools can vary depending on the cup, if it requires game servers we will keep a small percentage to maintain them. 1st Place: 45% 2nd Place: 25% 3nd Place: 15% 4nd Place: 10% 5nd Place: 5% ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ Support Feel free to ask the RRC admins for support: lolograde htprankster You can also volunteer as staff to help us keeping the cups up-to-date and moderating the RRC discord server. Staff can partecipate to any cup and the same rules will apply, racers won't have access to the #mapping channels while mappers and testers won't get any cup points. Don't forget to check out the official RRC website: https://reflex.racing (slick af I mean just look at that domain) Thank you for supporting us during the soon™ era, enjoy .
  6. htprankster

    What do you want for race mode?

    Brandon suggested hiding a few global variables like player's x y z and speed since accelmeter needs those to work. I'd say to give the player an on/off safe mode button or whatever to enable those variables, if off then no record would be saved.
  7. htprankster

    What do you want for race mode?

    >Preventing accelmeter scores from being uploaded to leaderboards. I'll just move the topic here from discord and make it short. As the title says; that way we'd have a fair competitive scene without punishing new players that still want to use it.
  8. htprankster

    Show us your stats!

  9. htprankster

    Race tournament. Interested? Let's brainstorm!

    Progressive elimination can't work because players might outnumber the maps available. Point based matches would be better, something as in F1 like: 1st - 10, 2nd - 7, 3rd - 5...
  10. htprankster

    Race tournament. Interested? Let's brainstorm!

    I dig a live event however as night pointed out, a downside of it would be that players could steal routes.