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  1. when I was young I competed in snowboard races some of them were "parallel-slaloms", you would have a timer and a gate which opens for both at the same time so you and the spectators would see who leads in the race what was concerning my adrenaline super exciting and for the viewers of course too as they didn't only see the time at the end but could spectate the "battle". this would be with the movable "shootables" possible to achieve 3 which open in one second intervals and the last one would open the racetrack which would be side by side of course the same for both racers. (probably we would need one shootable which pushes the racer in the race start zone so that you could actually miss the start by timing your first jump bad when the final "gate" opens (the race starts with the first of the three count-down shootables for both) the mappers might have better ideas how to do that properly) might be more of a curiosity than an appreciated idea by racers... but who knows for the spectators it would be for sure very exciting to watch and getting people to watch live is how donations come in for competitions (at least the last live stream I watched seemed to confirm that)
  2. Aletheia

    How to: 3D Model reflex files

    irish future winner of the soon upcoming "stakegun cosmetics competition"
  3. Aletheia

    Cosmetic suggestions thread

    I miss a certain logo...
  4. Aletheia

    So, I was bored and made some sound effects...

    nice I was thinking about playing around with some sounds too... I wondered what the best sound cues for competitive gaming would be (not for me, for those who can play competitively ) and I guess it would actually be just very short signals, different wave-forms for different objects, different pitch for what magnitude the object has (5 health or mega...etc. ) just as short and distinct signals as possible to indicate what item was picked up but not to disturb enemy tracking by jumping sounds which could of course also be made easy and distinct... it would sound extremely boring and I guess considered "borderline cheating" but in theory it would be the best way of audio tracking an enemy... however personally I prefer nice sounds over boring signals nice work!
  5. Aletheia

    Humble request: Server description & MOTD

    this widget you use @Jaguar which lets you select to show only server with a specific mode would be a nice addition. btw what was the name of this widget?
  6. Aletheia

    LAN party, North East England - interested?

    already thought about talking to the French community about a Christmas-LAN in Paris... best luck Jaguar! hope it will materialize!
  7. Aletheia

    2016-10-16 | Bunny Cup NA

    the bunny-head would be a nice addition to the Reflex cosmetics
  8. Aletheia

    [1v1] Bang Bang

    no exuberant use of sphinxes, not even excessive use of muddy "stones"... Teri I fear no one will play it... already guessed as "pretty IC heavy" and you posting it... I think there is not much hope you will find someone to play... on a serious note... looking forward to play it
  9. Aletheia

    Firing LG under water should gib you like in QW

    if not held not? where is the bolt hidden when not held so that there is no danger? might consider self-damage even when just going for a swim while the bolt is hidden in the invisible backpack of our robots...
  10. Aletheia

    Firing LG under water should gib you like in QW

    @cooledcannon made an alteration of Static Discharge in which all this is very important... as this map will be for sure played in tournaments very soon this topic should be solved as fast as possible...! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=740840458 cc I hope you removed all lights from the map they might electrocute someone!
  11. Aletheia

    Performance, the quest for a higher frame rate.

    to answer it myself r_depth_export_scale sets the depth for screenshots with depth (as I set it to 0 and took one I had no depth map) and I would guess for rendering replays too but I didn't test that myself. so it should not have any impact on actual gameplay performance...
  12. Aletheia

    Ion Canon needs a buff, seriously...

    to collect data of your own games you guys can use "KeredMatchHistory.lua" https://bitbucket.org/Kered13/kereds-reflex-hud-files/src/5982ef5dc2e29fcdc7b3173656863f652e022afc?at=default
  13. Aletheia

    Ion Canon needs a buff, seriously...

    it might not be a very educated question...: the total amount of dmg dealt with RL isn't it also (I can't imagine otherwise) depending on the availability on maps? how many maps are there where you have more ICs or BRs than RL? none? (which is played in competition (pelease correct me if I am wrong)) I think if I am correct that must be considered statistically concerning total dmg... of course if you don't IC-BR combo spawn kills (or the map geometry would favor BR and there are also no maps I have in mind (played competitively) which would favor BR to an extent that you would be willing to choose the BR reload time over a possible Rocket hit/or spam/ or deny position with a Rocket etc. and then maybe if the situation is appropriate change to BR) mostly RL is the weapon people are running around with first in most Arena shooters...? it seems to me that if BR total dmg gets higher the voices of the "free 80 dmg" would scream and if IC total dmg would get higher and someone like Terifire would play in tournaments the "shaft-whoring" comments would be all over the place... somehow it's a enigma how the developers could reduce total RL dmg without people being very unhappy with the result.
  14. Aletheia

    Need help with a logo for STEAM/WEBSITE

    if I can help you with anything else let me know...
  15. Aletheia

    Need help with a logo for STEAM/WEBSITE

    included twitch address...