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  1. Well without being able to access people's stats thru steam to see W/L ratio or K/D ration it's kind of hard to determine a player's rank, otherwise we wouldn't do it by hours. Thanks for the input tho, always appreciated
  2. 20th of august @ 20cest You are allowed to join the cup for players with more than 100 hours. We are trying to create a more friendly cup this time, some less experienced players felt it was unfair that more experienced players were allowed to particpate in a newbie cup, which makes sense.
  3. I will keep this thread as a main place to advertise our group and weekly 1v1 cups to avoid spamming the forum This time we have a cup for more advanced players, and for less experienced players. If you have less than 100 hours, sign up to our open cup! http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/4EUOsb3h4N If you have more than 100 hours, sign up to our advanced cup! http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/PK34pNatAB The map pool: - Static Discharge - Simplicity - Pocket infinity - The Catalyst - Furnace This time, we will have the matches be BO3, the picking process will be: Choose heads or tails, type !flip in the discord(winner means whoever won the coin flip). Winner bans map - Loser bans map - Winner picks map - Loser picks map The map left is the tiebreaker map. Maps are played in order of picks. For the grand final we will have BO5, the picking process will be: Winner picks - Loser picks - Loser bans - Winner bans The map left is played as the third map, if the game continues after the 3 maps, play the map the winner banned, then the map the loser banned. Any server can be used as long as both players agree with it. For more details join our group and discord
  4. We added a prizepool now, courtesy of Chandos. Also, all updates can be found on the steam group's announcements.
  5. There are still spots open in the tournament! Feel free to join even if you have 10 or so hours, we're all pretty new to the game
  6. Join the group, discord and sign up to our first cup tournament this saturday! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/eunewbz https://discord.gg/F9pr4Z6 http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/yBDS07z0tn GLHF!
  7. Hi my name is dvs and I'm new to reflex. I met some really cool people in this community and I thought I'd make a group for new players like me, who want to still participate in tournaments and improve with other new players. Since the arenafps genre is full of people who have been playing this game forever, I'm looking to make this group to have new players feel more welcome and to not be frustrated with the game when they play against players who are above their level. The group is public and I'd love for you and your friends to join! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/eunewbz Once we have enough players, we'll open registration for the first tournament, happening this Saturday evening. The ladder wll be hosted on challonge.com and we are also looking for someone to stream some duels, so leave a response here if you'd be interested in that Hope this thread gets a good response, thanks for reading! Edit: the rules and stuff: The map pool is gonna be(all in competitive ruleset): - 421 - Simplicity - xy2 - The catalyst All matches are going to be BO1 except for the finals which will be BO3, decide which player gets to ban a map first by using the ~roll # command in the discord, the user who rolls the higher number out of 100 gets to ban the first map, the map that remains gets played. After finishing the match, submit the scores to challonge; the winner gets 1 point and the loser gets 0. You can use any server as long as both players agree to it, no spectators except for casters/streamers. Edit: Prize pool added: Thanks to Chandos, we now have a prize pool of 5 CS:GO keys for the first place. We are looking at possibly having a prize pool for 2nd place as well, updates soon.