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  1. Messik


    It would make spawn fragging not super easy like it is right now, also being able to spawn faster would make speeding up the game easier because you could rush off spawn a lot easier.
  2. Messik


    A variable for player re spawn time would be great, both the amount of time you have to wait before you can spawn and the amount of time you can delay a re spawn would be very nice to edit. Second thing I would like to see is a true option for making burst rifle/other guns projectile or hit scan. Third thing I would like, though it's a bit harder to explain and implement, is the ability to change spawn system %, making spawns either completely random or 100% will spawn somewhere if you kill someone/stand somewhere. A weapon stay function would be fun to play around with but it's probably not really worth the effort to implement, same thing with player model size. Edit: forgot to say a grenade launcher fuse time option would be AMAZING for balancing the GL to be less annoying. Edit 2: Armor values would be cool too, for how much armor you get from picking an armor up and how much it protects you would be cool.
  3. Messik

    The current Handicap System

    Playing on a handicap as the better player, you can play exactly as you would against that player without the handicap, where as the QL solution forces you to play him as if he has the same if not better aim because of your lowered dps, you wont be able to show up at armors you shouldn't and out aim them.
  4. Currently the handicap system spawns you with more HP/AP which is good, but looking at it from the lesser skilled players point of view it feels like hes getting a hand out, which is something I've heard a lot from people I've asked if they wanted to play with handicap. Looking at other games' handicap such as QL, you can set a handicap % and that will effect your max stack and damage, it effects the player that is being handicapped instead of the lesser skilled player. Also, yes the current handicap does make it impossible to spawnfrag with 1 rocket, but 1 direct rocket or a bolt even will negate everything that they got from the handicap, it really doesn't effect the player that much at all. Playing against lesser skilled players that still know what they're doing would be so much more fun for both players if the handicap was reworked imo.
  5. Messik

    RMC Hitscan Balance

    Mine and a couple others' opinion on the changes to IC and BR in RMC is that its too easy to hit now but is going in the right direction. Making the trace higher on hit scans was a good change but it was excessive. Plenty of the duels we've had have people hitting 50-60 easily in fights and hitting 60-80+ with BR. People in NA haven't been playing on RMC just because the spawn system being outdated. Opinions?
  6. Messik

    Weapon Stay 2v2 Modifier

    Its just something that sounds like it would be fun to have, kind of implying they give us the tools ourselves to make things like that. Definitely wouldn't work on maps like t7 or t2, but the map I was running around where I got the idea was Simplicity which seemed a bit more like a QW 2v2 map. Would interesting to see if weapon stay plays better in reflex than cpm because of the armor values. What maps did they play in cpm weapon stay?
  7. Messik

    Weapon Stay 2v2 Modifier

    Do I need to explain what weapon stay is or do you not like my idea. I know it wont get added since the devs seem to not care enough to fix even little things like locking teams.
  8. Messik

    Weapon Stay 2v2 Modifier

    In current 2v2 you can't play duel maps where as in something like QW 2v2 maps can be extremely small because of the weapon stay, it would be nice to see a re imagining of 2v2 with this option.
  9. Messik

    Interest in an NA CTF Tournament?

    Why is there no " No, and I am NA."
  10. Messik

    Reflex Arena Player Settings

    How do I change stuff, I didn't put my accel :<
  11. I feel like the second idea could be made a bit more vet friendly by making item times reset and spawn at the same time every 2 or so minutes. So for example you can have a cycle going for a max of 2 minutes until the cycle is reset and all armors spawn at 2/4/8 minutes.