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  1. krickit

    Aussie Cup anyone?

    I'd be down.
  2. krickit

    [0.47.3] Super ramp boost bug [fixed]

    https://puu.sh/sbpgY/80f202b70d.mp4 Found on Quickfire. It wasn't there earlier, but it has been a while since I had played this map. Even so I suspect the wallclipping update is to blame. I think I'm ramping off the sheer wall above the intended ramp boost, if mappers want to try and reproduce this.
  3. krickit

    [dp4] abandoned shelter

    Using a comparatively low end pc compared to Mad Jihad, I'm running into some major issues running the map. My typical framerates in reflex hover at about 70 fps for the more detailed maps like ruin and tephra, 90ish for static discharge and up to around 144 fps capped for undecorated maps (low settings no ragdolls lights decals or sun).