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  1. Sky

    Should Reflex Arena be free?

    so dead https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QuakeCon who cares if it's a televised event with two yearly tournaments and cash prizes, game is dead. http://steamcharts.com/app/611500 nobody plays quake anymore http://steamspy.com/app/611500 No, instead we should all go play Garden Warfare, on a laptop while laying on the couch, using controllers. You know, we should do more, let's just ban anyone who gets 30% or more accuracy. They shouldn't ruin the fun for us new players. And hats. we need more hats.
  2. Sky

    Do you wish to see Reflex on ESL?

    yes, ESL is a step in the right direction.
  3. Sky

    What do you want for race mode?

    i need to preface that i know nothing about race and my movement is depressingly bad. i have ran across only one race map i really liked, and yes i'm going to disappoint you again because i do not remember the name. BUT, that is not actually important. What i liked was that you could beat the map with standard vanilla movement, but you could do much better with CPM movement. Which actually gave me an incentive to get better.
  4. Q = RL E = IC / LG / quicky-shooty-beam thing R = rail . i mean, BOLT RIFLE F = plasma 1 = melee 2 = MG 3 = SG 4 = GL C = optional weird gun in whatever game i'm in, i.e reflex = stake gun, QL = HMG.
  5. Sky

    Should Reflex Arena be free?

    no thank you. reflex is a niche game. people who play it know what it is and why they want to play it. we do not need, and cannot afford to have, people who feel entitled just because they downloaded a free game. who will disrupt team balance and when asked to play in the appropriate server or to spec will tell you "fuck you i do what i want". and on top of that, people who burn their account on free hacks. let's make on thing clear, we're not shooting for 100k active users here. reflex will never have the appeal of large-team TDM games because it's not built to be that. what we want is to have most esports players own reflex and occasionally playing this "elite" game when they are bored of their socially-oriented FPS, be it Overwatch, Paladins, TF, or whatever. another thing is that population alone has no meaning. if you bring in 50 new players to a game that has 10 active players, you didnt increase the population by 500%, you polluted the population to a state where those 10 do not want to play. If you game is Halo, then yea, anyone who logs in is an active player. if your game is a promode Quake clone, then a 15yo controller-using kid is not an active player, he's a nuisance. What makes games great is the core community. As rapha once said, "quake is great because it has great players". having a solid core community has appeal to new players who want to become the same as those players. if you start to bring players in who have more interest in collecting skins than aim, then you are removing the one thing that might interest your target audience, and pushing out people who take the sport seriously.
  6. i know reflex models are bigger, i know. but for some reason .. ok, let's step back a second. i played QL from beta (2010 circa) to 2012 and i was absolutely horrible at it. 28% accuracy and could not shoot a rail to save my life. then i moved on to Blacklight Retribution and i got MUCH better; i played from 2012 onwards. Of course, you'll say, you played 5 more years, that's where you develop your skill. But no. I still play QL, have only quit for about 2 years, but from 2014 to today i still play it regularly, and i simply cannot aim. I'm just awful. I tried ridiculously low sens, mid-high sens, everything in between. changed DPI, polling rate, FOV (from 80 to 120 and in between), mice, mousemats. I can't hit rails on standing targets that i would snap to without hesitation in reflex or in blr. what the heck is going on? (i'm not using any weird drivers that might bug out, i have a rock solid W7 install, a FK1 mouse. i tried MarkC's mouse fix too and everything else under the sun) When i'm in game in QL, it seems as if, when i move my mouse a bit, the map "wobbles". it's like if the mouse didn't respond the same as it does in other games, as if i had negaccel for a few pixels. At one point i was managing 30% LG and 40% rail like it was a miracle, but i was down to a sens so low, i couldn't do anything else except aim. So, how do i go about porting my reflex sens to QL? Any other advice, aside from "do not play QL" ?
  7. Sky

    Rockets, how do you feel about them?

    i voted "weak" but because i don't like the change in shooting height. i really liked the rockets of the early builds, even though the splash was smaller, they were easier to aim.
  8. Sky

    1.0.7 launching reflex crashes VLC

    my understanding of coding is very limited; looks like reflex requests some video components upon launch which prevent other softwares from accessing them. other apps do not do this.
  9. so, i know this isn't a major issue but, *every* time i launch reflex, if i have VLC running, VLC will crash. Reflex is, as far as i know, the only application which has this conflict. "you shouldn't have VLC open if you are gonna play Reflex, you scrub" yeah whatever but it's still a bug. (reproduces always) even though i'd rather that you fixed the wonky axis of the LG first.
  10. Clan Arena to draw them in, TDM to hold them.
  11. i dont think this fixes the issue. in practice, you get high damage from the current shotgun when you are really close to the enemy. in addition, you will most likely have to catch someone unaware. at this point, the best solution is melee, or rockets. you can get medium range damage of 20~30 dmg now, when you could be using IC or bolt. when the shotgun was tighter, you could get more damage at distance - yet you could still use the bolt. CQC shots for 100 dmg still required you to be dead on target and you could easily miss entire shots (and otherwise use rockets). but the usable range was wider. it was a solid tier-2 weapon that had the advantage over bolt of being also usable in CQC. now, i'm not sure what the current shotgun is supposed to do. i'm all up for 80 dmg bolt, but i think IC ought to be 7 (adjust for reload value) and shotgun brought back to the earlier pattern. i want deadlier weapons, the rockets got buffed (through the generous bounce value), i see no reason why we can't have a real SG + IC.
  12. nah bruh shotgun needs to feel like you are hitting someone with rockets + RG IF you' at close range
  13. Sky

    Game Mode Problems

    clan arena really ought to be called Clan Arena .. instead of "TDM with Arena Mutator"
  14. we should revert the shotgun to something useable and buff the IC back to 7 to match rockets. you heard it here first.