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  1. Here some thoughts: - An easy one-click method to play replays from sites like reflex-arena.ru . Maybe a url schema would work like reflex://example.com/replay.rep, which upon selection would open reflex with the selected replay. - The soundsystem could use some attention. Sometimes sounds don't play, like pickups. I'm far from a top player so it's not like it would improve my performance in games. And I'm already having a lot of fun playing. However I feel it's inconsistent with the current state of this great game: it's come quite far with so many improvements over time, however this thing is still there.
  2. Menno

    Reflex Duel Guide

    @dansen, @Jaguar, thanks guys, I'll be in touch on Discord!
  3. Menno

    Reflex Duel Guide

    Hi @Ramagan, Great series! I've been playing 100+ hours or so and I'm currently at the upper scale of silver (on a good day gold for a couple of matches), and I feel like a hit a plataeu. Another player recently commented I could improve my out of control play. Hence the question, could you do a video about this: playing out of control, and getting to the shared control state. Thanks, and looking forward to the next video (hint hint ) Menno
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    Announcing the Reflex Arena launch date!

    Congrats! I want that badass samurai skin New cosmetics look fantastic!
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    Reflex Duel Guide

  6. Menno

    Pill's 1v1 Demo Reviews

    Great post
  7. Menno

    [Significant Changes] xy3 - "Leuko"

    Great map, one of the first maps I played after installing reflex.