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  1. Here some thoughts: - An easy one-click method to play replays from sites like reflex-arena.ru . Maybe a url schema would work like reflex://example.com/replay.rep, which upon selection would open reflex with the selected replay. - The soundsystem could use some attention. Sometimes sounds don't play, like pickups. I'm far from a top player so it's not like it would improve my performance in games. And I'm already having a lot of fun playing. However I feel it's inconsistent with the current state of this great game: it's come quite far with so many improvements over time, however this thing is still there.
  2. Menno

    Reflex Duel Guide

    @dansen, @Jaguar, thanks guys, I'll be in touch on Discord!
  3. Menno

    Reflex Duel Guide

    Hi @Ramagan, Great series! I've been playing 100+ hours or so and I'm currently at the upper scale of silver (on a good day gold for a couple of matches), and I feel like a hit a plataeu. Another player recently commented I could improve my out of control play. Hence the question, could you do a video about this: playing out of control, and getting to the shared control state. Thanks, and looking forward to the next video (hint hint ) Menno
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    Announcing the Reflex Arena launch date!

    Congrats! I want that badass samurai skin New cosmetics look fantastic!
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    Reflex Duel Guide

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    Pill's 1v1 Demo Reviews

    Great post
  7. Nice! The matchmaking is great, and this makes it even better. Is it an idea to set the 'Last Modified' header to the file creation date for the .rep files? This seems not to be set as far as I could figure out (or it's set to the current time). For synchronisation with for example wget, this would things make a whole lot more efficient.
  8. Menno

    [Significant Changes] xy3 - "Leuko"

    Great map, one of the first maps I played after installing reflex.