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  1. mazk1985

    Reflex 0.46.2

    It could be coincidence but I think the new sound system gave me a slight headache because it felt like I was partially deaf. An option to switch off sound filters would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, keep up the great work
  2. Just looked at it on the Steam inventory and I can't wait to wear it properly Also I can't promise not to use it until .46 since I can crush the dreams of my opponants with it. #joke
  3. v 0.45.2 Hi, I just received a part and the post game message stated it as "item1050". I found the new part in my profile and it's called "Droid Head - Angry (H)" in blue text. When I wore it it granted my model with total invisibility for about a minute or two before all of us on the server crashed to desktop. Could you fix it to not crash anymore please