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  1. OG BlacKout

    Reflex 1.0.5

    Good patch as always but I just can't wait for those jumpads to be fixed (or put back the old ones).
  2. OG BlacKout

    Nameplates widget

    Definitely, it should be there the first time the game is started.
  3. OG BlacKout

    Nameplates widget

    Thank you sir
  4. OG BlacKout

    Nameplates widget

    I watched the EU 2v2 cup that took place a few days ago on Delementary's stream and he mentionned a nameplate widget at around 32:00. As he said it's not available in the workshop yet. At least I did not find it. Anyone has a link to that widget ? Even if its not finished I'll still use it as it's a great addition to the game imo.
  5. OG BlacKout

    Performance drop

    Since the last update I've had FPS drops which I never had on any previous version of Reflex. I got a solid 150-200 FPS but for example, if I hit someone with a direct grenade up close, my FPS would sometime drop below 60 for a split second. Another example is on the map Sanctum. You can see in the screenshot that I get around 40 FPS when I'm about to hit the bumper (never happened before). I wanted to know if I'm the only one with this issue or if its from the last update (1.0). Edit: talked with some players on a stream and told me they noticed some FPS drops as well.
  6. What a fantastic job guys The game feels kinda lonely without an announcer, thank you all for this ! @meowgli Could you re-add the Painkiller sound pack please ? It sounds nice Btw, is it possible to make the announcer only say multi kills awards and not all of them ?
  7. OG BlacKout

    Reflex Duel Guide

    This is perfect for me as I want to get into duel now that I understand the basics of the game (movement, kinda know when to use which weapon). 10 seconds into the introduction video I recognize a french accent is that right ? I am french as well and I just want to get better so maybe I can add you on steam and have a chat about the game ? (Great english btw) Great videos and format, keep it coming sir
  8. OG BlacKout

    Reflex 0.46.0

    Great stuff! Thank you for the links, appreciate it very much
  9. OG BlacKout

    Reflex 0.46.0

    Training is well welcome! Started playing reflex last week but it would of been perfect for an introduction. I find the added idle sounds for the Ion Cannon and Bolt disturbing. When I switched to those guns for the first time after the update I thought something was going on with my computer. I can't say about the new shotgun model but I like it. Kinda big on screen thought in my opinion.
  10. OG BlacKout

    KovaaK's compilation HUD

    Thank you! Works like a charm now The kill feed is really nice to me but the fade time is a bit long. Can I modify that ? If yes how ?
  11. OG BlacKout

    KovaaK's compilation HUD

    Where should I put the .pak file ? I've seen on another topic that it should go into the "base/internal/ui" folder. I don't have the ui folder so I guess I should create it and put it there right? And yes I got an error message that only displays "cannot open kovhud.cfg"
  12. OG BlacKout

    KovaaK's compilation HUD

    Hi new to Reflex and I find this HUD very cool but when I type in the console "loadconfig kovhud" my current HUD disappears. I've placed the .cfg fils into the 'base' folder as it is in the 1st post. Is this HUD up to date and how can I make it work ?