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  1. S3HXI

    Twilight Cubez

    Steam Link Twilight Cubez by: S3HXI and SiPpy Simple and effective race map, inspired by the "Cubism One" map by MAD_JIHAD. Have fun!
  2. S3HXI

    Additive hitsounds widget - ADDON LIFE

    Great stuff man. Thanks. Was wondering if it would be possible to make a widget/mod to allow custom music to be added to my server that plays before the match starts?
  3. Teeerrrrrible idea. This is a true competitive arena shooter, not "Insurgency" (great game btw) where things need to be realistic. As for noobs wanting to learn without getting smashed, a toggle able handicap or skill based match making system will be fine. The movement and aiming need to remain tight and fluid at all times. A little off topic but I just wanna mention my extreme love for the robot themed character models. I personally hope they remain and hope even more custom looks become available in the future. Also, if you add a human model, please make him have cyber legs and some visible boosters, so it at least makes a little sense as to why he can move so fast. Robots FTW! xD