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  1. NaughtyWalrus

    Reflex 0.46.4

    Super sad about that rocket nerf, and I'm feeling mixed about the ioncannon. I guess I'll play until I understand it better~
  2. NaughtyWalrus

    Firing LG under water should gib you like in QW

    this thread is gold, thanks everyone
  3. NaughtyWalrus

    Traveler 2

    Also, http://imgur.com/JUL14m5 I feel like mega and power armor are too close together, hope you plan to move them.
  4. NaughtyWalrus

    Traveler 2

    I have an intense need to shoot through the windows, hope you're planning for that!
  5. NaughtyWalrus

    How to run the experimental ruleset on local server

  6. I've looked everywhere on the internet and in the game for a/the feature that lets you run the constantly updating experimental ruleset the developers are updating. Can't find anywhere on the internet where someone explains how to set it up and try it out. I'm sure I'm missing something really basic here so if anyone could tell me so I can start playing my roommate with these new changes that'd be awesome.