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  1. voodoochopstiks

    Traveler 2

    not sure I dare place the IC so close to RA, but I'll definitely think about placing the stake somewhere, it should work on this level, without making the entire level about it(unlike the rail)
  2. voodoochopstiks

    Traveler 2

    Updated with some new graphics, cleaned up some of the blocky clutter so the level is slightly more open now! Also added bot support! Also changed the back void to a lava, might expand the lava to some other areas too later
  3. voodoochopstiks

    Traveler 2

    Update Changed a lot of whiteboxes into mesh detail, feels like I have a decent idea of how to art the whole thing now. Added a new pit to the "back" side of the level Added windows into YA after @NaughtyWalrus suggestion! Lots of minor fixes
  4. voodoochopstiks

    Traveler 2

    Hey! Figured I'd post this level here for some feedback! I've been building quake levels on and off fairly seriously since about 2004, but I've had a decently long hiatus lately, but Reflex looks really fun so I decided to give it a shot here with a map. It's called Traveler 2 and it's a sequel to an old qw level of mine called Traveler. Would love some feedback, and replays of you playing! The graphics aren't quite done yet, and gameplay is still to be fiddled with a bit. It's a 1v1 demi-space map, so watch out for the void. Stick to the YA's if you're afraid of falling down http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=725096328