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  1. A. Benz

    Custom Ruleset 2

    RL ammo is annoying as fuck with this revision.
  2. A. Benz

    play offline for free?

    Not correct. You can access all rulesets you have in your reflex folder. Online or offline. Doesn't matter. You need to actually get the ruleset file of course.
  3. LKO pls....

  4. A. Benz

    Should Reflex Arena be free?

    Short answer: yes. Longer one: We don't know how much income Reflex generates. If it still generates enough income to finance development, it's a matter how much more development you want/need before going for bigger masses via f2p. As in: if you barely make money from it anyway, why not go f2p and hope to get a bigger player base and generate revenue through cosmetics. At this point, I would say no. What i'd actually prefer is this: - f2p version with very limited features: just duel + 1 team-mode matchmaking - no server browser or other modes - cosmetics (and Reflex would need a different system + way more cosmetics) (buy full game for other features n shit) Another thing about cosmetics: in my opinion, this art style highly limits Reflex options with cosmetics, due to the fact there are no textures and therefore no simple skins.
  5. Not 100% ....and even if: uhm.... hasn't that been promised ages ago?
  6. Netcode is good -> yes. Map editor is good? Yes and No. Technically...yes, but in reality those 700+ on the WS you are mentioning are pointless and a big reason WHY there are so many utterly useless maps is because of how accessible the editor is. Is it good? What's the networth here? LUA functionality ... personally i think a highly (!!) customizable UI is highly overrated and the whole LUA stuff has brought in issues which shouldn't even be there and the truly useful widgets ... let's just say: they should be native in the game anyways. The engine is great...and yes it has good visibility. Visibility that comes with a trade-off ...which is the art-style... which limits the games customizability. I think we can both agree that QC is miles ahead in that regard, but ofc Bethesda/ID has way more resources to work with. Reflex does have a good foundation .... but it also comes with a questionable execution and no marketing budget, as it seems. The real question is: do we think Reflex can get bigger, just by doing gameplay changes? I'd honestly say... no. At least not by an amount worth mentioning. PERSONALLY.... i'd totally vote +1 for a duel+team-mode only f2p version of Reflex. F2P often sounds like the last resort of a "failed" indie-game... but let's be honest: it's not far away*. Regards *i'm not saying Reflex failed.... but if it wants to grow larger, it failed. If 100 concurrent players and a nearly dead competitive scene is considered a success, fine.
  7. wrote a big rant ... then deleted it, because it won't change a thing. It's time to stop getting a headache because of Reflex.
  8. Don't think i completely agree here. New maps? Uhm... sure. AS LONG AS THEY ARE GOOD. Rama made some good points. New maps for the sake of adding new maps is stupid, as proven by 421 and Sanctum. Adding new maps to "even out the field" seems odd to me as well. I'd much rather give the people putting in hours after hours an edge rather then "randomizing" results just for the sake of it and so people can feel good about themselves. In the end getting good in something requires dedication. Don't take that away from people. And also....ideally thanks to MM it shouldn't matter how much experience someone has on a map. In the end one factor that's somewhat "big" in a competitive activity is: consistency. Don't take that way. It's not like new maps will bring in more players anyways. Regards (tbh i think the only people that care about new maps are veterans....)
  9. A. Benz

    Overlord and up CREW

    Just asking shooter would be easier.
  10. A. Benz

    Matchmaking Playlists & Map Pools

    Having new maps for the sake of new maps is barely a good thing. Creating an competitive environment should be about reducing randomness as much as possible. Using maps that are well played instead of forcing weird new maps does that. Of course you then have the problem of: when there's a good new map.... will it ever get into the competitive pool? IMO competitive matchmaking = proven, good/solid maps casual matchmaking = random maps, if you ask me even with a lot more maps
  11. A. Benz

    Matchmaking Playlists & Map Pools

    I hope we get a 5-map-pool for competitive duel soon. I'm tired of this Sanctum/421/Static Discharge votes..... or whatever other awkward combination comes up at times.
  12. A. Benz

    Rockets, how do you feel about them?

    Rockets underpowered? I aren't think that. Maybe if your whole gameplay relies on RL and you realize you can't play like this....yeah.