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  1. kryp7ik

    Ion Canon needs a buff, seriously...

    I agree, rockets do feel dominant in this game, I would much prefer if rockets were nerfed and IC was buffed to make it usable, jump into any server and everyone is pretty much spamming rockets 99% of the time
  2. kryp7ik

    Cannot bind jump to mouse 2 in config

    alright no probs, just thought I'd point it out, I now use game.cfg for all binds/commands and set to read only
  3. kryp7ik

    Cannot bind jump to mouse 2 in config

    not sure why but the problem only happens when I used game.cfg to loadconfig kryp7ik, if I manually type loadconfig kryptik into console all the binds are fine or if I only use game.cfg it is fine.
  4. kryp7ik

    Cannot bind jump to mouse 2 in config

    Hello, I use a config downloaded from Kyto's twitch page which I have set to run automatically from game.cfg, it is definately running as all the other settings take effect, however everytime I start the game the jump key is unbinded even though in the config I have it set to mouse2. Instead the showscorescursor is bound to mouse2 even though it is set to L in the config, can anyone see what might be causing the issue within the config? Thanks! Kryp kryp7ik.cfg