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  1. Benroads

    Reflex 0.39 - Arbitrary gibberish

    Awesome update can't wait to port my favorite Quake 3 map
  2. Weird, I don't have this issue on my end I must have fixed it after initially doing the workshop upload because my local version does not have it. Either way I will make sure it's fixed for the next version, thanks for finding it so quickly. It might not be for awhile since it seems that there's a lot of issues with the editor in the beta version and going back and readding all the camera angles would be a huge pain if I have to keep swapping between versions.
  3. Workshop update is out! Check it out here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=611578060 Per usual you can see a (mostly full) changelog in the original post if you're interested in the specifics however this was mostly just a graphical touchup to make the map look a bit nicer done by sen and myself.
  4. Not sure how much more I am going to be working on this tonight but here's a screenshot of the new MH room, note that a lot of stuff isn't finalized yet and still needs to be reworked. Missing pickups and such are just from me deleting stuff while I work on the map. (Newborn add visgroups already holy shit).
  5. The reason I asked him to not upload it is so that we don't end up with 25 different versions of the map like we did at the start of Reflex with cpm22, nobody liked that and having a bunch of competing versions on the workshop will only clutter it up and confuse newer players. The other reason is that myself and someone are currently working on it but since both of us are fairly busy it's been coming along slower than I would like it to as with the cpm24 touchup. To clarify I never told him to not have it on Reflex files (I actually think I told him I would be totally okay with that) I just wanted to "Reserve" the workshop page for Eiz. However I will be working on the map later tonight and will probably throw up a few screenshots of the progress.
  6. Benroads

    The Amphitheatre

    Bumping to let people know that sen has done an update on the map and you should now be playing/uploading the newer version on your servers.
  7. Yeah it's most likely my port that I gave to newborn almost a year and a half ago, I asked him for help with the lighting and stuff.
  8. If you wouldn't mind asking him specifically what was going on. I fixed basically all of the conversion errors that I am aware of and ended up remaking a good portion of the map by hand, granted this was all when the textures refused to allign properly and I had to resort to some fuckery to get them to work properly. The only area that I remember being more awful than normal was the weird platform that upper YA is on and even that could probably be easily reworked to function/look a bit nicer. cpm24 on the other hand has some really really messy spots as the diagonal staircase near lower YA was pretty brutal to setup and would honestly need to be almost completly redone if anybody wants to seriously update my cpm24 port. I think I ended up having to do some stupid layering stuff with the trim to get it to work properly as you couldn't manually edit things past 1u without doing everything in notepad or whatever.
  9. No worries, thanks for giving it an attempt :~) Such as? The only issues I was aware of were some weird brush collision issues that honestly are more on Reflexes end. Either way there is currently somebody working on it, I am not sure how long it will take him to finish it but from what he has sent me everything is looking excellent. To be fair I didn't look very hard because I know probably 2 or 3 people that actually actively play Reflex and didn't want to hunt around to find people who may or may not be interested in working on a project of this scale. On a different note I will probably flip through my map files and upload a bunch of the WIP stuff I never finished so that people can mess around with it. Most of the bigger projects I was working have already been passed along but some of them have seemed to disappear (ospdm5a to be specific).
  10. As I said before I am not interested in mapping for Reflex so it is very unlikely that I will be updating the map myself. However it does make me sad to see such a great map not get any playtime. I haven't heard or seen anything from memphis regarding his version of the update so I am currently asking around to see if there is anybody who is interested in updating and improving visuals on the map. If you are interested you can contact me over the forums or through steam. Personally I would like to keep the map very minimalist I think having tons of obnoxious detailing would take away from the original clean feel of the map and distract from game play. I am also somewhat interested in having something like this done for cpm24 as I also think it is an excellent map that does need a few changes from its current version and a big detailing pass.
  11. Benroads

    The Amphitheatre

    I'm not sure what about amphi makes it so "unrealistic" because I am quite certain that you will have pretty standard LG/rocket fights on every single map and just adding extra variables doesn't really make a whole lot of sense in my opinion. Besides if you feel you need to practice your aim for certain situations why wouldn't you just play that map more instead of trying to play on a general aim map? As for the design of maps, if someone has not come up with a better aim practice map in the last 15+ years I'm not sure what makes you think you're going to create one but feel free to prove me wrong. As far as I am concerned for practice maps you want to have everything be as minimal as possible so that you may focus on one thing at a time and I think this has proven to be at least a little bit successful. For example see all the race/defrag maps, nobody wants to play ones that have all sorts of extra stuff on them when they're just trying to practice one specific skill, but I guess I could add a bunch of random shit to my circle-jump training map to make it more realistic. :~)
  12. Benroads

    The Amphitheatre

    That's irrelevant as this is a practice map, as "unrealistic" as it might be it's probably the most efficient way to practice aim as there is no other real factors besides who can aim better besides maybe the spawn thing and in all honesty it really does not matter who wins because once again this is a practice map. For example all of the practice maps I mentioned above (Amphi/cpu1b2/falkoisgay) are all extremely simple maps that are made for one purpose and they've been proven to be excellent at what they were intended for. By all means make a more "realistic" practice map but don't be surprised when people who actually want to practice don't want to deal with a bunch of random shit when they do so.
  13. Benroads

    The Amphitheatre

    This only really applies to people who have problems separating practice and actual gamemodes, I think that amphi is probably one of if not the best aim practice map. Maybe a better defined category for aim/practice maps would help people who struggle with this as fundamentally I do not see any real issues with amphi besides the fact that it's somewhat luckbased in terms of spawn but I don't really think that it takes away much from the map itself. This is a (I think) 1:1 recreation of the Quake 3 version of the map (q3amphi), I am aware of the maps existence in other games I just chose to use the Quake 3 version for obvious reasons. While I doubt that this map would become official I do agree having some slightly nicer visuals could be nice, I am personally somewhat mixed on the aesthetics of the QuakeLive version but I wouldn't be opposed to someone making a nicer version of this. I could probably find the .map file for Space Amphi somewhere but it's a very simple map so I'm sure it would be very easy to recreate it. That being said I personally have no interest in mapping for reflex at the current time and personally I would not recommend someone using the stuff I made for the currently released version of amphi (Stupid spawning tubes I made before _arena modes were around). It's a really crude system and if you're not allowed to give weapons on spawn yet I would wait for that functionality to be implemented before making another "amphi" style map. When/if they do implement this it would for sure be cool to have some of these maps in the game since I personally had quite a bit of fun playing Amphi/Falkoisgay/Cpu1b2 and variations of these maps.
  14. ‚ÄčThe only angled wall bug iI am aware of is the wall on near RA right next to the GL platform. As I said before I was considering adding some light props to make it be a bit more obvious that it's "intended" to be a thing you can trick off of like my cpm24 port and the various lights I added for that purpose. As far as visuals go, personally I do not like the style that maps have taken since honestly it looks incredibly obnoxious to me. However if you feel that it would help the map by all means go for it, I just personally don't really see what it adds besides something kinda pretty for spectators to look at and something that most players (I assume) want to turn off.
  15. I have basically no interest in mapping for Reflex anymore but if anybody would like to continue working on this be my guest, only gonna ask that you give me a bit of credit (for the conversion) and credit to Eizid (for actually creating the map). Would love to get official permission from him but the last time I could find evidence of him online was almost 10 years ago. Honestly I do not feel that this map really need anything besides maybe some balance changes as it's really pretty easy to keep control in its current state. Personally I don't see any reason to add a bunch of the meshes or whatever since they'll probably only clutter up the super clean map.