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  1. Hey, after some incidents related to lag in race mode and weird finish times, I investigated a bit. Findings in short: If you pass the start brush with 0ms lag and the finish brush with 1000ms lag, your race time will be registered 500ms slower than it should. Vice versa, if you pass the start brush with 1000ms lag and the finish brush with 0ms lag, your race time will be registered 500ms faster than it should. Since the impact of it can vary a lot, there is a risk of slightly off times without the player or anyone else noticing. We know of only drastic and obvious cases, but there are likely a higher number of records, when no one was even realising it. The tests on the video were done on a local server, but I repeated them later on an online server with the same results. Lag was induced by clumsy 0.2 ( https://jagt.github.io/clumsy/ ). I've added the map as attachment to this post. lattest2.map
  2. Kawumm

    [0.48.2] Bridge tool not working properly

    Not sure if this is still needed, but here's an example map file of failed bridge tool use. me_segments was set to 9. I marked the faces to connect in lime color. bridgebug9seg.map
  3. That's already possible. play path/to/replayname or play path\to\replayname in console.
  4. Kawumm

    Should Reflex Arena be free?

    Not sure what you guys are saying with Toxikk. The move to f2p increased the playerbase of Toxikk by the factor of 6 (before: average 5 players; after: average 30 players). If that isn't successful, then what is? Do you expect the switch of the payment model can realistically turn a 20 player game into a 5000 player game? That being said. Toxikk's base price was significantly higher than that of Reflex, when it became f2p (I think way above $10, even on sales), so I wouldn't expect the same impact for Reflex. Whatever changes to the payment model are made, they are probably only going to play a minor role when it comes to population of Reflex.
  5. Kawumm

    What do you want for race mode?

    Sorted by priority: Wallbug. My issues with race changed a lot during a year of racing, but this was ALWAYS annoying. You can't actually touch walls in reflex race. That is super uncool for players and cripples map making a lot, as every brush that isn't a rectangular cuboid is going to be a problem on slightly larger maps. Lightmaps. I know the community workaround for avoiding huge lightmaps is now public knowledge, but anyhow, there should be an official solution, too (even if it's simply allowing map uploads without lightmaps). Leaderboards. Leaderboards need to distinguish game modes (low gravity) and weapons used. The hashes for recognising changed maps are broken too and need fixing. Also, records should be uploaded after you set them, not at the end of the round. Bonus-Stuff in no particular order: Triggers and movers for more creative map making. It would actually be nice to have scripting possibilities for the game logic. Higher visibility range could be nicer for simple, but large, outdoor maps (like rdk-18, radiantfinal, etc.) Textures would be cool for race, because they give you a better depth perception than flat surfaces, and are also easier to use than meshes (and I think they also look better from far away than meshes).
  6. Kawumm

    Help for beginners?

    Currently the devs are intending to stop lua widgets from drawing into 3d space which would mean a big no for your ambitions regarding this addon. But even without this issue, I'm not sure if you could make this addon feel not-wonky.
  7. Kawumm

    play more reflex because its GENTLY WEEK

    Gently found me on hide and seek!
  8. Kawumm

    Play workshop map without creating a server

    Also, if you do not want to be shown on the server list, block the corresponding port in your firewall (I think standard is UDP 25787).
  9. This has been underappreciated so far, imo. One big problem for new players is that they do not understand why they are losing. They focus on the fights, and wonder why they hit 2 direct rockets and still die, they try to fight better, but fighting better actually doesn't help them either. Picking up a red armor is so important, it should start all kinds of fireworks on the HUD and on the headphones to make absolutely sure that the player does understand what happened and that he fucked up, when he let the opponent snatch all the juicy stuff (and not when he had a decent fight that he had no chance in winning, because he was completely out-armored). Additionally, having MH/RA positions visible through walls at all times could be an effective change, that doesn't change the gameplay for seasoned players at all, while helping newbies a lot.
  10. Sometimes you get unwished elements appearing in your prefab after creating/updating it. This can be very confusing and makes multi-select sometimes impossible to use properly. Reproduction: Create worldspawn and select it Enter console command: me_createprefab A Create another worldspawn De-select everything (escape key) Select both worldspawns with dragging a selection rectangle or VolumeSelect Remove the first worldspawn (now prefab "A") from the selection by clicking on it with +editormultiselect (CTRL) and +editorprimary (Mouse1) Enter console command: me_createprefab B Even though you de-selected the first worldspawn, it will be re-selected and included in prefab B.
  11. Kawumm

    Race Leaderboards Plus

    Most of it was already in the training leaderboards by Turbo Pixel so it wasn't much work to adopt it for race (I think it contains less than 10 lines original code), but thank you anyway! To answer your question: My widget works independently from Brandon's Race Leaderboard, you can have both installed at the same time or only one.
  12. Kawumm

    [0.48] Low FPS and widgets stuck

    The red one is the addon name. Each addon can have several widgets as sub items under this red entry. When an addon only has one widget, it can look a little confusing.
  13. Kawumm

    [0.48.2]Reflex Menu not Loading

    Please check your cl_playercolor1 (and also cl_playercolor2) value in console. It should be a small integer number ranging from 0-63. If it is bigger or smaller than this, change it in your game.cfg, or set a new value in console, write saveconfig, and relaunch game. Additional info for @shooter line 3575: local col1 = extendedColors[consoleGetVariable("cl_playercolor1")+1]; line 3576: local col2 = extendedColors[consoleGetVariable("cl_playercolor2")+1]; in menu.lua should probably be checked for nil values.
  14. Kawumm

    Race Leaderboards Plus

    There have been minor changes to original Reflex Scoreboard widget with the upcoming 0.48 release (Displaying some MMR stuff + Forfeit status I believe). If you want those, you need to update your Race Leaderboards Plus addon to the newest version.
  15. Kawumm

    Race Checkpoints - EXPERIMENTAL

    Bigger update this time! Thanks to everyone giving feedback and thanks again to Mad-Jihad for adding even more Checkpoint maps and to Thorec for taking the time to test the changes! Installation instructions have been updated in the original post. Update 1.2: I seperated backend and frontend. This makes it easier to do changes on how data is displayed. The checkpoint table is a seperate widget now, with display settings in the options menu. The corresponding CVars have been removed. Other CVar settings have been moved to the "CheckCore" options menu. In CheckpointTable, the display order of checkpoints was reversed. Added "CheckpointDelta" widget, since some people asked for a simpler presentation of checkpoint data. This displays time difference every time you reach a checkpoint. Added "MessageQuiet" widget. This is a replacement for the original "Message" widget to give you the possibility of hiding/muting checkpoint messages. This is optional and can also be used without the other checkpoint widgets. Added multiple store slot support (now: 1 slot per player per map). You can "scroll" through the store slots by using ui_checkcore_next 1/ui_checkcore_previous 1 (I bound those to numpadadd/numpadsubtract keys). The currently loaded slot will be displayed by the CheckpointTable widget on top of the table. New command: ui_checkcore_clearall 1. Clears all recorded runs from memory and config. Since this widget can generate quite a lot of data over time, this might come in handy sometimes.