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  1. Firecrown

    Custom Ruleset Poll

    I was one of the first to believe the experimental ruleset would have been a step forward for the game. Rama gathered a lof of different players opinions to build a ruleset he thought would be more enjoyable and more competitive, I followed the developement of the ruleset quite closely and talked a lot with Rama. But seing the discord recently, people minds are already shifting, and there is like a déjà vu feeling with different rulesets poping up and soon people will be arguing if X value should be 0.99 or 1. And I think players shouldn’t have that much power in the making of gameplay changes and that ramaflex might not be the most suitable ruleset for the game. In my opinion devs should just lock the gameplay down in his actual state i.e the competitve ruleset we already have now because balance is such a controversial topic, people wil never end arguing about it.
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    Sanctum - prdm9

    Good bones and calcium will come to you!