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  1. jtmuk

    Mouse input and projectiles feels bad

    Since capping my fps to 144 I find the mouse input and game smoother overall, I think there is something to this theory that fps variations cause issues in this game. Other than that I have no issues.
  2. jtmuk

    Future of stake launcher

    That video is pretty awesome.
  3. jtmuk

    Ramagan's stream and youtube channel

    Ok...I hadn't realised. The ePeen stroking is strong.
  4. jtmuk

    Ramagan's stream and youtube channel

    How about uploading the actual games ? We need more high level matches on youtube.
  5. jtmuk

    Constant stutters during gameplay

    This is most likely unreated but the first time I shoot rockets or use the IC gun the game stutters for like a second before going back to normal. It only happens the first time I shoot and not always. This is on a i7-4790k with 32gb RAM and Gtx 980 graphics card, and windows 10.
  6. jtmuk

    Sanctum - prdm9

    Looks amazing ! Will try it tonight.
  7. I've watched a few video tutorials but I still have some difficulties mainly with : - Circle jumps : I can't do more than 380 distance jumps on the training maps, and even 380 is a struggle. Is it all down to finding the correct speed of mouse turn ? What are the best widgets to help get it down ? And should the mouse movement be purely left to right or up and down as well ? I see a lot of videos where people seem to do a slight "U" with the mouse rather than straight side to side and it seems to help me a bit too but not sure if it's necessary. - Tele jumps : can't get these right, for instance on z0_beta in the tele jump room. Should it be a jump followed by a very quick circle jump ? It seems that using the strafe keys actually slows my jumps down and I have better results with holding forward, jumping, turning the mouse and jumping again ( no strafing at all ) but I still miss 90% of the time.
  8. jtmuk

    Still struggling with some jumps

    I'm keeping this updated with my progress both for my own reference and for other new players who might be going through the same process. I've found that actively trying to fly in a circle arc in the air helps a lot with circle based jumps especially tele jumps. In particular that means that when landing you should be facing the edge at more than a 90 degree angle. Thinking about the jump this way makes me have much smoother mouse movement and works much better than trying to jump straight at 90 degrees after running in a small circle on the ground.
  9. jtmuk

    Why do you play Reflex?

    Great visuals, super fun gameplay, addictive movement, awesome community.
  10. jtmuk

    Still struggling with some jumps

    Thanks GoneM4d and Jaguar for the tips and ParkourStation teaching session last night ! Was fun and very helpful. I have to say this game has the best community I've experienced thanks to guys like you ! Regarding circle jumps I've found this video in another thread. I found it quite helpful as I hadn't realised that for the longer jumps you need 120 degrees of rotation rather than just 90.
  11. jtmuk

    Reflex Movie: Wavey

    Excellent !
  12. jtmuk

    Still struggling with some jumps

    Yes that's a revelation I've had along the way. That being said I'm not sure whether the strafe bar widget is always correct as sometimes I seem to get more speed air strafing if I don't try to follow it ?
  13. jtmuk

    Still struggling with some jumps

    Thanks ! I'm indeed enjoying myself a lot, it's quite addictive. Yeah I might use the spacebar for the bolt rifle, I'll give myself a few days to stop pressing it accidentally first
  14. jtmuk

    Still struggling with some jumps

    Lowering my sensitivity further and a lot of practice on Reflex Training has yielded some improvements. But biting the bullet and rebinding jump to mouse2 was a bit of a revelation last night, suddenly all the jumps became easier, though the urge to press spacebar is still strong. Not sure what to bind that big spacebar to now. But I'm staying with mouse2 for jumps from now on.
  15. jtmuk

    Still struggling with some jumps

    Progressing slowly... Practicing some of the harder jumps can feel like hard work / brainfvck after a while, eventually I find myself moving my whole body trying to get that extra meter in the game... lol
  16. jtmuk

    Still struggling with some jumps

    Thanks for the vids guys ! Amazing how deep that stuff gets.
  17. jtmuk

    Should I play this game?

    I've found that q and e for ion canon and rocket, mouse2 for bolt and middle mouse button for melee, and number keys for the rest ( which are less used ) works well for me. EDIT : Also mouse button 4 ( thumb buttom ) for grenades since I'm used to that binding from other games.
  18. jtmuk

    Still struggling with some jumps

    Thanks ! I like your videos btw, they've been very helpful It seems indeed that most maps require circle jump after the tele, I've managed to improve those a bit last night, while z0_beta is all about jump-mouseturn-jump which I find harder as there is very little time to do the correct turn. Re c-jumps If it's all about finding the correct rate of turn then I guess there's nothing else for me to do than practice practice practice I will give parkourstation a go. Btw how does one get the ReflexPickups bot to send notifications on discord ? I've linked my steam account but it still doesn't post me when I join a game.
  19. jtmuk

    Still struggling with some jumps

    Yeah I'm jtmuk there to. Thank you !
  20. jtmuk

    Post your contact info, find duel buddies.

    http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198018186216/ Also jtmuk on Discord. I'm quite new to the aFPS genre, I've played a bit of Quake live a few years ago, a bit of CS:Source and CS:GO and a lot of BF BC2. Haven't played anything for a few years due to real life taking over but I love reflex and want to get back into it. I'd like to get some team based games going but 1v1 will do too otherwise. Skill: Low Location: UK Time: Mostly evenings around 10pm GMT