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  1. Pollettino90

    Faster, Robot! Kill! Kill!

    very very nice. Loved it.
  2. Pollettino90

    Time to start - Reflex Arena fragmovie

    Very nice GJ man
  3. Pollettino90

    [0.47.5] Console Bob?

    Just did it, still nothing In windowed mode is the same
  4. Pollettino90

    [0.47.5] Console Bob?

    My gpu is : Sapphire Radeon R7 240 2gb, I tried with r_fullscreen_forcestretch, didn't work and I have only one monitor. But I think the problem is that my reflex isn't loading the "Courier" font (Which is the default console font I think), because I deleted it from the fonts folder months ago. Now I reinstalled it, but it doesn't work anyway. If you look closer, you notice that it isn't a resized font, it is completely another font and I think it is causing this glitch. Maybe I have to make reflex load the font somehow...
  5. Pollettino90

    [0.47.5] Console Bob?

    tried, didn't work sadly
  6. Pollettino90

    [0.47.5] Console Bob?

    (sorry for my bad english) Hi good reflex people I don't know if it is a bug, but for me it is really frustrating, cause I use console commands frequently. Whenever I open up my console, if I don't write anything It starts bopping up and down ---> Is there anyone who can help? thanks guys